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Re: MAOI Wowie!

Posted by cybercafe on July 29, 2002, at 1:19:09

In reply to Re: MAOI Wowie!, posted by LostBoyinNC1 on July 29, 2002, at 0:40:26

> So was I. I wanted to take one, but honestly was terrified of the idea of a hypertensive crisis and a possible stroke. Ive wanted to take

Yeah... but it's good that you still encouraged others to take it.

>one for years, but my fears prevented me.

Man that is really unfortunate... and you were on it before too... but no use dwelling on the past

>Finally my psychiatrist basically just ordered me to go on Parnate back in late May. Well, he didnt really order me to go on it, but strongly suggested it to me and he told me he thought it

My psychiatrist DID order me! ... and i'm glad he did... okay it also helped that you thought it was a good idea as well. I remember asking to try moclobemide etc first, but he thought they just weren't powerful enough....
.. i also had no appreciation for how many of the cheddar cheeses out there were cheap and mild forms ...

>write me a script for klonopin along with the parnate. Basically I just stayed nice and sedated on klonopin for the two week Zoloft washout and's not just the sedation... klonopin has affinity for serotonin receptors... and that definately helps with withdrawal... (i got off 225 effexor in less than 2 weeks)

>the klonopin, kept me nice and relaxed during the washout, kept my worrying about MAOIs down. I continued taking klonopin the first couple days

... you didn't need the klonopin the first time you went on parnate right? ... was it that one h-crisis that really scared you? (i've never had one)

>on the MAOI, but soon found out I no longer needed the klonopin, that the MAOI had a fine anti-anxiety effect as well as an anti-depressant effect.

... yeah i don't have an inappropriate terror reaction anymore either.... but i thought it was just nardil that worked for anxiety? ... i don't think i ever remember them mentioning MAOIs on ... or perhaps i just never considered an MAOI

> I suggest anyone who wants to try an MAOI but is fearful of it (hey, that fear is well founded BTW) to just get a script of klonopin to take during those initial weeks of the MAOI. Take a benzo and stay nice and loose and relaxed until you get on the MAOI. Then its like riding a bicycle. Thats what worked for me.

.... yeah... it's really sad to go on suffering when it is totally needless ...

> I was actually more afraid of the idea of taking an MAOI than I was of getting ECT. I wasnt afraid at all of ECT and still am not. In fact I KNOW if I was to get ECT, Id sleep fine the night before. I consider ECT safer than MAOIs actually.

... what was it that finally convinced you ECT was safe? ... i can't help but be afraid of the risks associated with the unknown, especially since you rarely ever hear people talking about ECT on the boards...
.. can't ECT cause some minor cognitive problems?




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