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Re: MAOI Wowie!

Posted by cybercafe on July 29, 2002, at 22:25:44

In reply to Re: MAOI Wowie!, posted by LostBoyinNC1 on July 29, 2002, at 11:12:30

> Psychiatrists in the USA cant "order" patients to take any drug. Thats illegal here. In Canada, I suppose it might be different. If so, thats sad.

Okay there was no court order or anything. I just didn't get the feeling I was going to get any other med out of him. And for a person with "Real Depression", taking no med is much worse than a fatal heart attack.

> Klonopin has affinity for serotonin receptors? HUH? Where did you hear that? I always understood Klonopin, like all benzos worked more on GABA. Klonopin is a depressant drug and therefore would be more likely to decrease serotonin levels than increase serotonin levels.

You are totally right -- klonopin does work more on GABA. But it also works on serotonin receptors, to a lesser degree. This is why it helps with migraine, SSRI withdrawal, etc etc..
It definately causes sedation, but is it purely depressant? I know it is supposed to be more of a mood stabilizer, whereas other benzos are considered pure depressants...

because of it's sedation, i would not consider it an antidepressant i would be willing to take for anything other than a washout period ...

> LOL I could have used some klonopin the first time I tried Parnate. But didnt think about asking for it.

really i thought you were cool with parnate the first time you took it... i mean you were so relaxed you went right for the macaroni and cheese! ... whereas now, the more concerned lostboy, i'm sure, would never think about touching the stuff

> What convinced me it was safe was talking to others offline who have actually had ECT. And

where did you meet other patients in Real Life (tm) .... i find most non-internet savy patients to be lacking self-awareness and aggressiveness...

> IN the old version of ECT, when it developed its evil reputation, patients were not artificially oxygenated and tended to hold their breath for minutes at a time during the seizure.

... yeah my father is very seriously fucked up... i mean ultraradian type I bipolar (cycles several times a day) ... narcissistic aggressive intermittant explosive rage several times a day... but he would never consider getting help because when he had ECT they didn't bother to wait for the anaesthetic to take effect... and apparently being awake and not being able to breathe for 2 min is quite horrible... i'm like "dude, why don't you take lamictal or valporate instead of your 1960s antipsychotic, which doesn't work well and has major side effects" but he is terrified of letting his doc have even the slightest hint their might be a problem in case he ends up getting ECT again....

> However with the modern form of ECT, all of your bodily functions are closely monitored via machines and you are artificially oxygenated.

didn't they have that technology in the 60s?

>of oxygen to your brain even during the grand mal seizure. This prevents the oxygen deprivation induced brain damage which occurred in the primitive forms of ECT used in the forties,

hmmmmm... do epileptics stop breathing when they have seizures too?

> Reading about ECT convinced me the modern form of it, providing it is done correctly and you are properly oxygenated is safe. Definitely safer than MAOIs. Even though Im on Parnate, I still view ECT as medically safer than MAOI therapy.

hey if other people go without oxygen for minutes and still come out alright i'm sure we'd do alright...




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