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Options and examples

Option Example terms Finds posts with Posts in January 2004 Psycho-Babble archives
Basic search manic the word "manic" (or the word "MANIC", because all searches are case-insensitive) 46
depression the word "depression" (or the word "DEPRESSION") 574
Multiple terms manic OR depression either the word "manic" or the word "depression" 592
manic depression both the word "manic" and the word "depression" (but not necessarily together) 28
-manic depression the word "depression" but not the word "manic" (no space after the "-") 546
manic -depression the word "manic" but not the word "depression" 18
"manic depression" the phrase "manic depression" (or "manic-depression") with both words together (double quotes) 5
manic-depression the phrase "manic-depression" (or "manic depression" also, because punctuation and space match each other) (but punctuation keeps words together without double quotes) 5
Specific aspects of the post intitle:ssri the word "ssri" (or "SSRI") in the subject of the post (the title of the web page) (no space after the ":") 28
inurl:psycho the word "psycho" in the URL (posts in Psycho-Babble Psychology) 0
inurl:20040105 the word "20040105" in the URL (posts in the 2004 January 5 archive) 894
poster:sls the term "poster:sls" in the post (posts by SLS) 7
thread:13781 the term "thread:13781" in the post (posts in the thread started by post 13781, about Effexor, listed in the Google directory) 225

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