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Re: MAOI Wowie!

Posted by cybercafe on July 29, 2002, at 0:34:19

In reply to Re: MAOI Wowie!, posted by LostBoyinNC1 on July 28, 2002, at 21:44:23

> You are askig for it possibly. Do what your doctor tells you to do, dont ask for advice about MAOIs here on psychobabble. Your doctor knows how

Yeah I am totally with Lostboy on combining meds. Food can be dangerous, but I don't think the risk is anywhere near as great as the synergism you can get with an MAOI and other med.

> Just eat normal food, but go by the list your psychiatrist provides you with. The main rule is for EVERYTHING to be fresh. Dont eat leftover meats. Or leftover anything for that matter. I

hmmm.... i've had lunch meats (turkey, chicken) that have been in the refrigerator for 1 or 2 weeks. Looking back, that was probably unneccessarily risky of me. But I was under the impression that fresh meant not left out in the heat.

>chicken breast or steak individually in plastic ziploc bags and stick them in the freezer. This way I maintain maximum freshness for all meat products.

Hmmm... I wouldn't worry about the freshness of frozen meat unless it's soy/veggiburgers.

In fact, the study done by Shulman (Sunnybrook) indicated a low tyramine content in a soy burger (much worse than real meat) stored in the fridge (4 degrees celsius, not the freezer)...

>date. Total cereal for breakfeast. I cut out coffee totally, caffeine is bad for people on MAOIs. Although I have had a couple mugs of decaff recently and that went fine.

... i have no problem with caffeine.. but i think it's bad to take any mood altering drug while you are trying to get your brain to up/down regulate different neurotransmitters to a set point...
... same thing with alcohol... i don't want to have to wait another week or month or whatever for my brain to fully adapt ...

>bodybuilding supplements crap. You dont need it, and its actually dangerous on MAOIs. NO EPHEDRA supplements!!!! Minimal use of caffeine.

Yeah.. ephedra that's epenephrine right? Good chance of heart attack/stroke

>NOOOOOOOO ECA stacks!!!! No protein powders unless you get one that your doctor specifically says is OK. If you drink a soda, pick one that is

i havn't heard of anyone having problems with a soda... but why bother? ... if you need a stimulant to get by, why not just have your doc perscribe something with less general effects and with a more predictable strength and duration? (and better studied, too)

> If you must take OTC vitamins, buy top quality ones at yuppie health food stores that dont have yeast in them and have no dairy products in them. Most cheap vitamins have yeast products in them and thats a major no no. And even then, clear the vitamins with your psychiatrist first. Just totally avoid all herbals on MAOIs. DANGEROUS.

Yeah... I was taking the "Greens" vegetable supplement which sounded innocent enough, .. but it turned out they were throwing ginseng and gingko biloba in it, which is not known to be safe

> I also dont eat cheese. They say you can eat cream cheese or cottage cheese but I havent tried that yet. I dont eat cottage cheese anyway, thats nasty. I decided basically to just kick out cheese on MAOIs.

... I have had pizza a number of different times... and "Refining the MAOI Diet: Tyramine content of pizza and soy products" seems to indicate that major brands (pizza pizza, pizza hut, domino's) are okay.

> When you go on an MAOI, thats the time to eliminate most red meat for health reasons (you should do it anyway) and just go with chicken, eggs, milk, turkey and maybe fresh fish (real fresh) for protein sources. Red meat just clogs

Agreed. I don't know about tyramine, I cut that stuff out cuz my cholesterol was high.

>turkeyburger instead of hamburger for the spaghetti meat...much healthier. Just dont add

tastes the same too :)

>cheese or you will find yourself having an intracranial bleed and an ER visit, which wont be fun at all

hmmm.. i think intracranial bleeding is rare from most food sources... but I know a major migraine is much more common..
but hey... you probably wouldn't want to risk your life based on what i say alone right?

So how is the parnate working for you now LostBoy?




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