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Re: opiate supply

Posted by alexandra_k on April 29, 2020, at 17:29:22

In reply to Re: vaccine, posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 23:20:34

there was something in the NZ medical journal about how our sole supplier of medical opiates is changing what they supply to something with less 'abuse potential' is, I think, how they put that.

they were saying that in NZ the sole supply of opiates is medical sourced. we don't have... powdered something... like overseas countries do. our 'heroin' is all manufactured from medical supplies.

(I am actually sceptical about that because I know for a fact that there is this thing called 'poppy season' and that opiates come from the opium poppy and it is not illegal to grow the opium poppy in fact it is an ANZAC day symbol and many many people grow many many poppies to remember the ANZAC war vets and you only aren't allowed to bleed them is all)...

But sure. My little in-bred medical student brain will remember the grand research teachings and prouncements of the opium problem in New Zealand.

They predicted that we might see increase in powdered product like you get overseas as a response to the change in supply chain. March of this year this was supposed to happen.

They also predicted overdoses with the change in supply. They predicted something or other being used to cut the product and poisonings.

I think they were selling.... Whatever the adrenalin shots are that revive people when they OD.

I should stop reading this b*llsh*t rubbish nonsense. If I'm not allowed to participate..

I'm not a fan-boy. I'm just not.

We don't have question time anymore becuase then yo uget the chance to reveal that you aren't a f*ck*ng idiot. So no speaking rights.

Keep your little inbred next generation of tribal chieftans.

Keep them at home looking after your private hospital of you.

Don't expect them to be learning from the public service.

grubby grubbity grub grub grub.




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