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Re: vaccine rjlockhart37

Posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 22:49:30

In reply to Re: vaccine, posted by rjlockhart37 on April 28, 2020, at 19:28:18

I don't even know what kind of vaccine it will be.

Will it be a live attenuated vaccine? Or will it be parts of the virus chopped up (with absolutely no risk of reversion)?

The first is usually more effective in providing a stronger response...

But if the CoronaVirus antibodies have a tendancy to form immune complexes and micro-clot in some peole when maybe we don't want to produce a live attenuated vaccine that may be inclined to provoke such a strong response...

At least maybe not for some people...

Apparently in the US you can get a live nasal spray flu vaccine. We don't have that in NZ, I don't think. We can only get an injectable that is not live attenuated. It is dead bits. It is apparently less effective -- but also safer.

We don't get to make these kinds of informed decisions about how it is most likely to affect us on the basis of what we know about our immune system (if we tend to have allergies or whatever).

Rather, the experiments are done on our populaiton so that other people / populations can profit.

Seems to me.

When our leaders don't properly stand up for / stick up for our people's best interests.

It is a shame that we cannot develop things here ourselves...

But corruption. You know... Combined often with stupidity...

Smallpox is meant to be the standard example of what we can do with successful vaccination programs. But apparently smallpox only needed around 50 per cent of people to have the vaccination to seriously curb the transmission.

They reckon that around 95 per cent of people would need the MMR vaccine (mumps measles rubella) to similarly curb measles transmission.

there are outbreaks of that, sometimes. In NZ. In NY.

Kids who aren't immunised, yeah.


Perhaps my biggest thing is that it is important that we not get hung up on particularities, in a sense.

When people are overcrowded and treated like crap then they will get sick. Some bacteria or virus or something. Maybe their own body doing it to themselves. An immune thing. Whatever it is. Sicknes will manifest in some way.

We might develop a vaccine so it isn't smallpox anymore. But then it will just become something else.

There is a sense in which developing a succession of vaccinations against things like that isn't really progress, at all. It's just shifting around the bump under the rug. Playing whack a mole. You whack a mole and it goes away and then another mole pops up in it's place.

The problem is that people are overcrowded and treated like crap and they get sick. With something. Periodically. It will happen.

It happens when you overcrowd chickens. Pigs. Whatever.

When you concentrate the same crop in teh same soil. There will be problems, too.

Sort of creating problems to set about solving. A snake chasing it's own tail trying to devour itself. Whcih isn't sustainable. Of course.





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