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Re: Jesus Christ is free trade

Posted by alexandra_k on May 1, 2020, at 4:54:56

In reply to Jesus Christ is free trade, posted by sigismund on April 30, 2020, at 23:52:38

They were talking about slow release morphine only. The shift was from previously supplied slow-release tablets to slow-release capsules.

Apparently the capsules are harder to mix with acetic anhydride and convert to mono- or diacetyl-morphine (heroin).

They think with the change from tablet to capusule availability there may be an increase in pre-manufactured heroin powder.

They worry the shift to powder may result in fentanyl being added to the supply chain.

They are worried we dont have enough Naloxone.

That was what they said.


I forgot that Sydney and Kings Cross... Heroin, yeah.

I didn't think that poppies are grown for manufacture. Pharmaceuticals, I mean. I guess I thought it was laboratory synthesised... I mean.. Like LSD is to mushrooms. I thought it was laboratory synthesised...

> Is this about China, fentanyl and carfentanyl? Maybe we should not let so many of our essential antibiotics be made in Wuhan?

I don't know what it is about.
I think we should try and distribute where essential things are being produced in case something happens to disrupt the supply chain in future. As insurance for us all.

Do you know if MAOI inhibitors have abuse potential?

I am having a hard(ish) time learning the names of medications and stuff. I wonder if I might have better luck learning... Uh... Manufacturers. What different companies are producing. I don't know... I need to chunk the information differently, or something. I think there is a bigger / broader picture that I am not understanding, yet. I don't know.

Viruses are starting make more sense. Not sure why... Sometimes it's like I try and learn something and it feels like bashing my head. Then all of a sudden things go clunk clunk clunk into place and it's memorable and understandable all of a sudden.

The morphine issue is different from the Oxycodone issue -- isn't it. Purdue... People over on the meds board... I never used to spend much time there because I didn't know what was going on... Becuase the pills didn't come in enough different doses for gradual taper. So people were trying to cut them themselves into more tapered graduations for coming off them... But then concerns about cutting them affecting the slow-release.. Right?? Or about people breaking them down into grains to better make sure the active product was distributed...

So the slow relase mechanism broke.

Somethign like that...




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