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Posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 15:25:31

they keep going on about how a vaccine is or will be the solution.

was vaccine the solution to HIV AIDS? no. medication was. the best solution we have got so far. why would we think vaccination will be a solution to CoronaVirus?

was vaccine a solution to measles?

vaccination killed people in samoa.

because their chosen ones injected expired anasthetic by incompetence or by design.

and when you have a population willing to sign up...

involuntary consents.

willing to do an anti-malerial trial on people at the behest of their family...

do you really think you are likely to get a *good* supply of vaccine?

i mean... why would anyone in their right mind think that...

of course nobody does.

just watch where and how the money goes around and around and around and around and around.

how impossible it is to do anything good in this country.

i know...

the snowball...

the masses...

the growing mob against me...

why didn't this country allow me a way of life?


i did my time teaching philosophy.

waikato was happy for me to take 2 years (drop back to part time status) on my research work while teaching.

my teaching evaluations were all fine. nobody had trouble with that.

i returned one class lot for the lecturer to grade (only) because we had such radically different views on how to grade that i wasn't willing to put my name on her imposed grades (she thought people who agreed with her were best students and people who critiqued / responded to / went beyond her teaching were wrong). i always learned you get no more than a B for regurgitation. You have to demonstrate several loops of the cortex for better than that -- but that quality is not valued here, anymore.

and then i left to do research.

because research wasn't being done, here.

i came back...

i was offered some grading work.

i did that. no problems.

late ones came in.

i asked 'do you have a policy on docking them for lateness' (used to be something like you lose a grade each day and can only obtain 50 per cent max after 5 days or similar) and i was told not to penalise them for lateness. i was also told they didn't tend to be any better for being late. and that is of course true.

which is why when that very very same lecturer tells me i should 'keep working' on my thesis...


she thinks i fell on my head recently?




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