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Re: Jesus Christ is free trade

Posted by alexandra_k on May 3, 2020, at 23:12:08

In reply to Re: Jesus Christ is free trade sigismund, posted by alexandra_k on May 3, 2020, at 23:01:42

And of course I have been mis-speaking, a little.

Stand with HOng Kong rather than China...

I know it's supposed to be this idea that China is the big bad authoratarian nasty and HOng Kong is the unruly child or teenager that wants independence...

But it seems to me that the Democratic free world was supposed to stand with HOng Kong for democratic freedoms for at least those people.

It seems to me to be kind of racist, really, that the rest of the world won't acknowledge or accept Hong Kongs independence and that the rest of the world, primarily thinks it is a part of China. The UN for example. Hong Kong and Taiwan are parts of China. Not considered as independent. And so their data is lumped into China's. Even when there are regional policies and much in the way of regional independence. Even when the people in those regions want their independence. We dont think they want their independence? Did you see the freaking riots? LOoked like they wanted their independence to me. Not just unruly kids. Lawyers. Old people. It looked to me like over a very sustained period of time at great cost to themselves they were telling the world they wanted their independence.

But the Democratic world did not order fit tested face masks to stand with HOng Kong.

Back in October. Back in October of last year. The western world did not order masks to stand with Hong Kong.

Did not order cartoon masks.

surgical masks.

smoke masks.

TO stand for democracy and freedom and rule of law for the people of HOng Kong.


What ya gonna do??

Apparently tehre are warehouses full of 'counter-fit' surgical equipment in China just sitting there. 'Quality control'. They send out the products.. The English speaking world doesn' tfollow the manufacturer instructions and says 'it's crappy rubbish product made in China'.

Well, then. Make it yourself, then.

The Western democratic world was required to stand with HOng Kong for rule of law.

China is teaching us much about democratic freedoms. I do beleive.




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