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Re: vaccine alexandra_k

Posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 15:44:54

In reply to vaccine, posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 15:25:31

we didnt' just regress from thinking about the content to regurgitating the content.

'inaccurate minimal paraphrase' was something an external examiner accused me of in a couple places.

and yes, that's it.

we were only allowed to 'inaccurately minimally paraphrase' what was goign on in complex texts.

we were told 'most students can't reference properly (no reference provided). so you aren't allowed to direct quote. and we don't want to see you using the academic literature because not all students can understand it. we want you rephrasing grey literature from websites and things like that'.

this is for first year essays in public / population health.

to ensure that nobody presented them with a competent looking first year academic essay.

it is this terrible style you see where you basically...

the way people write these things.. is they basically make a statement (whatever they want). then you type that statement you said into google and you get a couple hits. then those are your references that go at the end of yoru statement. Of course you dno't actually read the references for meaning. Maybe they agreed with your statement or maybe they were just mentioning it as something said by someone else. No matter. This is a way of producing a... Computer simulation of a... Academic essay.

Remember the post-modernist essay generator? That's what you are supposed to give your supervisors so they can edit it into what they want you to say. Because they think that what they think is wonderful and first rate. But it will take years for them to write it for you so they don't see anything in you that isn't in themselves. So then they'll be happy to let you go. Especially if they think that nobody else sees any value in you and you will stay with them even if they sign you off.

Remember the chain references letter? About how you cite x and y and z people on the citation list and add your name to the bottom for the next chain letter. And if you follow the chain of citation...

That one got removed. NO posting of chain letters. Oops. I thought (genuinely) I was mentioning it rather than posting it (using it). I wasn't asking anybody to do it or participate in it I meant to say.

But that one cuts a bit. It genuinely depends on the quality of the articles / work that is being produced. If it is promoting and contributing towars quality work sure. If it is giving people fame or whatever for rubbish then it sucks.

I don't like it for making a mob.

But I guess it depends on how the mob conducts itself.

What I am supposed to think when Universities in NZ refuse to accept reports of external examiners (they don't get to do that) and when they refuse to process my academic stuff. Process the applications. Process the completions. Grade it. Nooooooo grade it properly. ffs.

I know the mob is like 'you aren't being very nice to us' yes. After years of you not processing my stuff my opinion of you goes down... And down.. It really can't get much lower. Every day that goes by when people fail and refuse to do the right thing...

I just get this idea into my head still more that y'all a bunch of incompetent idiotic psychopaths. I mean.. What's the f*ck*ng problem?

Reading comprehension?

I don't see what else it could be.


I don't see what else it could be.

Either way it's inexcusable.




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