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Re: @Alexandra: Hamstrings and lumbar extensors

Posted by alexandra_k on January 30, 2020, at 4:47:40

In reply to Re: @Alexandra: Hamstrings and lumbar extensors, posted by Lamdage22 on January 30, 2020, at 4:23:47


A while back there was some conversation about whether planks (for example -- but you could think about any exercise needing 'neutral spine') should be done in slight hyper-extension (as we have always been taught to 'set your back into a safe position') or...

In slight flexion.

So... To contract your abdominals into 'crunch' position on your planks -- instead of hanging off of your hinged hyperextended lumbar position...

I think it might be that certain things become in fashion. Then they are pursued to the exclusion of all else. So then the next 'in fashion' thing that everyone is missing is actually very predictable.

I think we have focused on fixing the lumbar spine in hyperextension for a while, now. And getting used to that has allowed us to move more weights.

I think that we 'pooh pooed' and 'rubbish rubbished' the folk for their silly stomach crunches for quite some time (and lets face it the way many of the folk chose to do them was not very effectual e.g., hinging from their hip flexors....

I think it is genuinely the case that not many people have strong anterior cores anymore.

I am a girl with wide hips and meaty thighs. That makes sit-ups easy. True story. My weight is carried around my middle. But still, I swing from my hip flexors rather than doing my abdominals.

People used to do things like hanging leg raises. Actually hanging from pull up bars and lifing their legs up in the air. Of course it helps to have beefy shoulders and smaller hips.. But, whatever... There are easier and harder progressions for all of the things... Point is that people don't seem to initiate the muscular sequence / recuritment pattern properliy anymore where it is an abdominal rather than hip flexor exaercise...

Let me try and find...

Don't get me wrong.. I cannot do the first progression




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