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Re: @Alexandra: Hamstrings and lumbar extensors

Posted by alexandra_k on January 30, 2020, at 16:09:49

In reply to Re: @Alexandra: Hamstrings and lumbar extensors, posted by alexandra_k on January 30, 2020, at 15:39:02

Ah, sorry, anterior curling...

I think the question is 'can you do the movement with anterior curling as well as without?'

So... The exercise that you can do... The plank. The leg raise. The roll out. Whatever it may be. The exercise that you are doing where the aim or the point of the exercise is to (perhaps amongst other things) work your core in a balanced or well-rounded way...

If you are normally accomplishing the movement (or acheiving the core stability) by sort of hanging off of tight lumbar extensors or using them to generate swing or maybe using tight hip flexors from your legs)... Then that is one way of accomplishign the movement, of course...

But depending on what you are trying to accomplish... It might be worth trying do the exercise a bit differnetly. Trying to actually work the anterior core.

I find it hard to get my anterior core activated on planks. One good way of activating them is to try and take advantage of the flinch reflex. If I had a trainer they could try and tickle me around the middle... Or you could pretend to playfight and throw a couple light punches or pokes for the flinch reflex contraction. You can also lie on your back and drop (very lightly from a short distance) a light weight plate on you (I mean, like, 5kg from 1 inch away) to get you contracting in a flinch reflex. Then once you can get the contraction (without spinal flexion) you are in business.

The point is basically to use the abdominals on the core exercises.

Going into spinal flexion is one way that people have of using their core -- but it isn't essential. YOu don't have to hunch forwards to contract your abdominals.

There is a bunch of stuff on deadlifting with a round vs flat back and so on... We watch guys lift atlas stones with very round backs and their spines look to be doing okay...


Collagen changes it's composition over time. Skin becomes less elasic. You pull it or pinch it and it doesn't snap back / recoil into its original position anymore. It hangs more loosely over the connective tissue and sags a bit.

your ligaments do, to.

We have ligaments running along our spine to help hold our spinal curvatures so we can be springy. As our ligaments get looser with age people tend to naturally develop hyperextended regions. Hyperextended lumbar spine and another region of thoracic kyphosis (so it becomes impossible to lift arms overhead without shoulder impingement).

I think we have to work fairly hard to try and get the muscles picking up the slack and holding us into proper alignment where they did not need to do that work with more youthful ligaments.

I think that results in people 'feeling' like they are in neutral position and not realising or seeing (you can't see yourself side on without altering your position unless you take a movie). It feels to me like I am in abdominal flexion a little bit when I think I am likely in netural.

I don't suppose the guys Ripptoe trains (who stand their with their bellies out before they squat) would tell you they are in hyperextension before they start their squats under the bar. I think they would tell you they believe themselves to be neutral.

But if Ripptoe walked behind them and poked them in their lumbar extesors they would be flinched hard as they can be flinched already.

And if Ripptoe walked in front of them and poked them in their belly they would flinch all right. They would flinch.

Their bellies are hanging out. There is no anterior core contraction. Not really.




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