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Re: informant

Posted by alexandra_k on June 8, 2019, at 0:00:24

In reply to Re: informant, posted by alexandra_k on June 7, 2019, at 23:52:01

they brought them into the city.
across the carpark from me now, actually.
i can shake my fist at them every morning.
and shake my fist at them every morning i will.

but they brought them into the city.

what does that mean?

it means it will be much easier for the kids who do choose to keep on with public health (the kids who failed chemistry, in other words).. it will make it easier for those kids to keep doing classes in physiology and immunology and microbiology. before... timetabling would likely have been prohibitive. commute times. it brings them back closer to the fold...

it means they can do courses in statistics and public law and sociology and history and english literature.

that is a good thing. teh skills the population health degree supposedly provides are not provided by the population health degree. one would be better doing a blend of things already present. then chosing your own theme, if you are that obsessed.

the degree program (best i can figure) was a money earner. trying to get a bunch of 'equity' people who did not have the capacity to study at university handing over university fees for teh degree certificate after.. however many years of study. only to find they couldn't find a job and would be required to continue on with graduate study for however many years... continually throwing money at the university... getting deeper and deeper and deeper in debt...

i wonder how the program will do now it's been brought back into the fold.

what do they do?

who does what?

i don't know.

they had a surgery simulator to teach people why indigenous people don't get operations. because people withhold the information that you need (as a surgeon) in orde to get good outcomes. unless you give those people the attention they need (the nurses and the like who have been assigned to your team, i mean) they will only work to undermine you. which is very stressful. but serves you right. which is why the indigenous people get nothing in the name of equity you see. which is why / because only the equity people WITHOUT capacity are accepted in the name of equity.

it is never about including people WITH capacity.

You find the people without capacity. Disability inclusion is about including people without the capacity (or inclincation) to study Calculus into the Calculus classroom in the name of equity! Then calculus needs to realise that calculus isn't being appropriately responsive to the demands of the calculus students. The calculus students want calculus to be about playing netball. So now students all play netball in calculus and calculus means netball in indigenous and equity speak and now all is equitable in teh world because everybody can do calculus who wants to do calculus!

(there is no more calculus)

Sewerage systems...

Auckland cannot be filled to present capacity because the sewers are backing up.




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