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Re: informant

Posted by alexandra_k on June 7, 2019, at 22:39:34

In reply to informant, posted by alexandra_k on June 7, 2019, at 22:23:02

And I do get it. That their job is to see how many people they can get to do the sorts of things they publically approve of...

If you make immorality the social norm and the easy route and so on. See how many people are readily swayed into doing what is socially normal...

I do sort of see that that is an easier way of assessing things. Particularly when times are tough / when things are tight.

And when most people... 75 per cent. Heard something the other day about 90 per cent, even... When most people are 'flexible' or 'adaptable' or however you want to cast that...

Adaptable enough to adopt prison guard mentality when caring for people who have done nothing wrong (Stanford experiment). Adaptable enough to electrocute someone if they think they can get away with it / if they think it is socially sanctioned (Milgrim experiment).

It is f*ck*ng ridiculous it takes so long to sign off 120 points of study. ! academic year. THey are trying to drag it out so it takes 3 years standardly, as a matter of course. Don't enrol the student until half way through the first year. Don't let them submit until half way through the second. Then after 3 months of examination they will have to keep working on it for 6 months then another 3 months examination. Then up to 10 weeks of changes. That brings us to the end of academic year number 3.

I don't think anybody would voluntarily do that degree. Especially without any source of funding.

They tricked me into it by saying there was no reason they could see why the 120 point program of study needed to take a calendar year -- I could get it done in an academic year.

Then they refused to do any of their work on time.

I think their accreditation should go away, now.

I wonder how many students lives they ruined.

How much money they stole.

I guess the idea is that most of the students were as bad as them. They would have done the same to them if they had the opportunity.

The Dean of Medicine, particularly, has to deal with all the corrupt foreigners who want to buy their kids a Medical Education. All the Saudi Arabian people who want particular women trained to look after harems of slaves back home, or whatever. They have to deal with this stuff on a daily basis.


Where does that leave me?

10 years later...

They will make things take generations. Whether I have a kid, or not. There will be no work for me in my 'nomral working' lifetime. Generations...

F*ck*ng idiots




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