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Re: informant

Posted by alexandra_k on June 7, 2019, at 22:58:25

In reply to Re: informant, posted by alexandra_k on June 7, 2019, at 22:51:22

I guess that's the thing.

If you want registration with people who have a very organised system of rules...

Particularly when you see the reason for many of the rules and think the rules make sense...

Particularly when you see that their rules seem to work well for them in ways you respect and value...

Then you might be inclined to trust those rules in the cases where you don't see the reason.

(which helps with potential moral problems)


When there are systems / structures in place for reporting things that seem to violate them -- or for registering you problem with various rules (e.g., why you think they need to be / are being violated)... Even when that takes some time and has to go through a couple levels... When things do get considered properly and things are responsive...

Then I guess the rules are your Daddy, aren't they. I mean to say, you follow the rules and then the rules help you. THat was the whole Socrates thing. About why he couldn't run away. Because the rules that protected him ... He was subject to those. He chose to spend his time violating the rules (corrupting the young) instead of choosing to spend his time changing the system so that his activity wasn't outside the laws. If that makes sense.

I have seen glimmers...

I guess I just need to hold fast.

It is important not to do the equivalent of regressing on admission. Otherwise people think they have done the wrong thing in admitting you. I haven't seen glimmers in a long while...

It'll be okay.

Light touch.

I need to think 'only minor' changes at this point. I moved a fuckign chapter around (one of the examiners said 'maybe' do that). So now I have lots of fussy bits to make it coherant (changing internal references).

Just give me the f*ck*ng degree, already. Then I have to 'study' by... I don't know... practing adding and subtracting numbers quickly and percentages and all that 'simple math' b*llsh*t for $300 worth of data collection to pay a bunhc of peopel to work in 'medical education' so they get to feel powerful and included too in medication student selection.





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