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Re: informant

Posted by alexandra_k on June 7, 2019, at 22:51:22

In reply to Re: informant, posted by alexandra_k on June 7, 2019, at 22:41:02

And this belief that there are good people.

There are good people.

Even if most people are horribly corrupt and will do everything in their power to prevent you having independent means with which to live your own life as you see fit...

There are good people.

Because if there weren't any good people...

There wouldn't be any reason not to do whatever whatever horrible thing...

So I guess this idea that anyone working at the World Trade Centre...

That a certain amount of corruption or whatever was necessary for that position...

Was likely a belief of the people who were behind it.

It's easier to dehumanise the 'other'.

It's scarier, isn't it, when people dehumanise their community.

When people look around tehir commuity...

Their very own community...

And say 'there don't appear to be people, here'.


Tick tock

What am I waiting for???

The Dean to fail me out of the University -- because she can. Because she doesnt' think I am compliant enough.

I'm supposed to be feeling afraid my work is substandard.

Only, it is over 1 year's work for a 120 point program of study.

I should not have to work on it anymore. I resent that I am supposed to be working on it. I don't see how I am supposed to be working on it.

I am supposed to work as a slave on fear of being failed.

I am afraid of the level of corruption, here.

The Ombudsman is looking into it. I have been assured. But we have the 'lowest perceived rate of corruption in the world' and I don't know whether that's because the Ombudsman is particularly bad or particularly good at his job.

I don't think it is fair on other students for me to work for free.

It sets an awful precedent.

Like how they keep a person around without a PhD... Someone who has been workign on it (supposedly) for more than 10 years. Nobody will sign her off. Nobody will tell her that that's the thing. If nobody will sign you off then it will never happen. It isn't her fault that she's working things round and round and there's nothing she can do. She will never be done if they don't sign her off. Sign her off, already.

But they employ her.

So they can be like 'see -- you can get jobs in Philosophy and pick up teaching work in Philosophy without having finished a PhD / without having yoru work signed off on'. To try and normalise the whole not signing off on people thing.

I don't know if I should just give them back the version I handed them February 25th.

Did the changes within 10 weeks.

I think that is what the examiners wanted from me.

Maybe it wouldn't be fair to other students to give them a later version than that.

The Dean said I would not get my qualification if I did not agree to keep working on it for 6 months -- and pay 2 months additional fees.

But that was a wrong decision on her part.

But that's still being investigated.

So what should I do??


I don't know.

Apparently the Dean is on holiday. I thought 'bitch'. It's winter. Of course she is. Probably someplace sunny.

But of course she may have been told to take a holiday without pay for a little while.

I don't know.




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