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Re: where you live

Posted by alexandra_k on October 2, 2020, at 16:49:08

In reply to Re: where you live, posted by alexandra_k on October 2, 2020, at 16:39:27

When I was an undergraduate at the University of Waikato there was a policy on late-ness. You lost 5 per cent every day it was late up until 5 days at which point the highest grade you could receive was a C pass (the lowest passing grade) -- and that was only possible if you handed in an A+ piece of work.

It trained people to get their work in one time.
It rewarded people who chose to do their work instead of going to that party.

It made it such that people who handed in late ended up with an unweildy mess of everything due at the same time and... It prevented people getting to there.

But teh Universities decided that that wasn't an ideology they wanted for New Zealanders. So they got rid of it.

They condoned people giving people the extensions they asked for in order to get them into these unweildy messes. They didn't consdier that their job was to train people to meet deadlines. Instead they actually encouraged teachers to actually encourage studnets to take every extention they could get. Tehy actively encouraged teachers to actively encourage studnets to fail. That is to say the people employed to teach and instruct and lead and helep were actually hired to mislead and lead astray and set up to fail. Those employed to help were the biggest sources of harm.

So studnets are told that their work is rubbish and it's sh*tty and it's crap. Studnets are told that lying about tehir laboratory findings or lying about the singificane or impact of their finding is what is valued and best. So the teachers engourage (or if that isn't enough force on threat of failure) the students to change their work so it is plagarised and full of lies.

ANd then (if that wasn't enough) they are always given changes they need to make... Round and round and round. If they can set up a team of advisors to say 'change A to B' and 'change B to C' and 'Change C to A' so that studnets work is never done. They are never allowed to submit their work (and their panel decides -- right??)

So the studnets thesis is not allowed to be the product of the studnet. It is written and rewritten and rerewritten by their supervisor or supervisory panel. It is rerewritten into such a state that it contains plagarism and bad inferences and so on... It is rewritten so it is less likely to be accepted or acceptable to international community. It is late.

And only when they are sure that nobody will see any merits in any of it at all do they hail it as almighty and wonderful!!

OOOOOh you are amazing! You get no money at all! There was your career! OOOOOOOOOOh look what you accomplished with your life!!

You had something good and we ruined it! Yay you! You are one of us! Let's do this to the next generation?? We can do it better!!

Tis the Kiwi dream.




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