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Re: where you live

Posted by alexandra_k on October 2, 2020, at 16:32:55

In reply to Re: where you live, posted by alexandra_k on October 2, 2020, at 16:20:59

I guess at the end of the day you look at the products.

The outputs.

The US and Russia are sending their America's Cup Yachts to New Zealand on massive aircraft.

New Zealand 'contracted out' our engineering (boat design) to Europe.

So many orders of magnitude...

It strikes me as blindingly obvious that our ideology is required to be (the only sensible ideology) is the moral high ground.

But we don't have the cognitive capacity to grasp that.

'Game changing' has become a popular expression.


Choosing not to play set-ups. Choosing not to gamble.

Identifying a fair game when you see one?

How are the courts supposed to bill?

Well... The government is supposed to fund the justice system.

The health system.

The education system.


The Government doesn't collect up all the taxes that are owed to it under present taxation laws.

It isn't only about altering our taxation laws to keep them in line with the laws everywhere else... It's about collecting up what is theirs.

I wonder who pays for the trail for the cases I mentioned before. The two related cases for the two related couples... I think the NZ lawyers were hedging their bets (one on each side) of both cases. The cases did not appear to me to be distinct. So that's 4x the billings with a lawyer in every corner. It's a made up piece of nonsense surely.

What is it's function?

I suppose the judges will say what is to happen going into the future. The Bank of New Zealand will be told what to do next time someone isn't able to produce the documentation as the source of the funds. The Commissioner of Police will be told what to do next time with respect to getting the Attorney General to ask internationally for seizure of funds or initiating an investigation or whatever.

It shows that there's potential problems with officials in Texas handing over information about ongoing investigation to NZ officials. Because people can use our underdeveloped laws to (for example) give the husband information about who the Texas officials are -- in which case someone might get whacked (melodramatically). Our freedom of information act.... Could put people in danger. People have been killed for less.

I don't suppose the rest of it matters.

This whole country just feels like a Primary School. Everything is pretend.




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