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Re: where you live

Posted by alexandra_k on October 2, 2020, at 16:20:59

In reply to Re: where you live, posted by alexandra_k on October 2, 2020, at 16:01:42

It is just about pockets of civilisation... Pockets of development.
And it is about who knows who knows who knows who.
To know if the person is out to profit themselves at the expense of everybody else (if they are a management problem) or what is going on...
And it is about education... Because sometimes people do things with harmful effects and they did not know or understand or see the harmful effects or they wouldn't have done various things they had done...

I know I'm not blameless. I've done things that have hurt others and I wouldn't have done them if I had have understood prior to action...

But people here do not listen to me.

Do not listen.

Basic reading comprehension.

The most basic of skills of listening and reading comprehension.

We don't have Universities in NZ.

Because the 'Universities' in NZ do not allow their studnets (or the majority of their academics) 'academic freedom' that they are required to, by law, for 'University' status. THey refuse to allow people to work to international standards. They refuse to hire people engaged in research. They refuse to allow students to get their own research (that is their own work rather than being over-edited by their supervisors into something less likely to be acceptable to externals) to externals. They refuse to allow studnets to work to international standards.

New Zealand refuses to hire people competent to teach Medicine, Engineering, Law, anything...
New Zealand refuses to sign off on people competent in these things.
New Zealand signs off on people who are not competent in these things.
New Zealand hires people demonstrated to be incompetent in these things internatinally.
New Zealand refuses to supply to international.

I suppose it is about money laundering. Into University bank accounts.

Like ''The Soprano's'' How Meadow's mum was going to these meetings with whoever trying to get more donations for teh University. Saying that Meadow's college experience would go better for the money...

The college guy who was meeting and asking for these payments (to his credit) was insinuating... But there was no heavy-handedness. From memory. No threats. She wasn't actually treated any differently -- was she??

She chose that she didn't want to study Medicine. She chose to work in the community law centre. She choose...

It's a good ideology.

Of course the practice might fall short or be different.

But we don't even have an ideology worth working towards.




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