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Re: where you live

Posted by alexandra_k on October 2, 2020, at 16:01:42

In reply to Re: where you live, posted by alexandra_k on October 2, 2020, at 15:36:32

I am not making this up.

This is a set-up -- right?

Someone, somewhere is taking the piss.

Making a mockery of the whole thing.

I got the sense that was basically a rich person (or someone who legitimate sources of power allowed to convey himself as a rich person... an avatar, if you will)... Sent to NZ as something of a missionary, if you will, for the development of our legal system.


Because NZ increasingly falls behind other nations when it comes to developing. was about how foreign nations (e.g., the US) courts had made certain decisions regarding his conduct. About things like theft and so on. They were saying his money was not legitimately come by.

And NZ went: We don't care how you come by your money. Money is money is money is money grubbity grub grub grub can we have some money??

So... It wasn't all that hard to make it look like might actually (genuinely, truly, really really really for really really reals) use his money in NZ and his citizenship in NZ that he brought with his money in NZ to... Win the election.

It took that for our elected officials... For our government... To see... That what was in their own (grubbity grub grub grub) interests was to not accept money when it comes from dodgey sources / dodgey bastards like that. Because if they get their money doing unlawful things then who knows what they are capable of??

And it took sooooooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooong because our elected officials are thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumb. Sigh.


So this Mr X and Mrs X thing...
Feels to me like a bit of a set-up.
It was a problem that the bank didn't report stuff in time OR the agencies reported to (the attorney general) did not inform authorities in the Bahama's that they were concerned about the source of funds that Mrs X was trying to transfer into trust C in New Zealand. Refuse to accept the funds until proper records were produced.
Not launder the money.

But we didn't do this. Because there was a sense that we should take the money and that we would figure a way to keep it, or something.

It does to me feel like a set-up.
Not a local set-up.
An international set-up.
Like a 'bomb scare' or whatever.
A training procedure.
With or to good intent.

I don't for a minute think that it is possible for a dirty lawyer to get his hands on so very much money in bribe payments.
It strikes me as entirely not credible.
But that's the nature / kind of threat that there is in the world now.
It's not 'real money'. It's just numbers on pieces of paper.
And they are vanished.
The Switzerland bank accounts that have however much money seized indefinately...
Buried forever in vast stone chambers being guarded by dwarves under the ground...

You have to 'cash out'. I mean... Turn numbers on a page into actual goods and services. Use of things like houses and yachts and whatever else.
Money is supposed to be a source of legitimacy, I suppose.
It's supposed to be what authenticates or legitimates some people having more than others.
Only the truly rich don't live like they have an infinite supply of money...
Something about living within your means...
SOmething about what you value.

I suspect most of it (much of it) is a dreamed up farce for controlling the masses...
People like the ideal of the very very very rich...

I don't know.
I would like to learn more about money and about entrepunership and the like -- from people who genuinely and truly know.
It's not the kind of thing that just anybody could (or should) be taught.
Genuine growth is tied up in an ethical sensibility... Sustainability.
Realism. Periods of expansion and periods of contraction.
Slowly. Sensibly. Resiliently. Taking stock. Growing. Assessing.

But the case...

I guess it showed me just how under-developed things are, here.
The legal system.


The US authorities can't co-operate with us in international investigations because we lack the basic infrastructure to do any such thing.

If it's one thing the high crime rate does in the US... The police are something else. I know there are problems with corruption in the police and so on... But when there has been a shooting or whatever the police know what they are doing. Moving in. Securing the scene. Or maybe they don't know what they are doing. Maybe it is a pretence.

Case after case after case after case in NZ:

- Prosecution. Can't prosecute the case. Why not? Evidence not admissible. Why not? The client wasn't read they rights. Or the evidence was unlawfully obtained (the police had no right to have entered the property because they conned a kid to open a window or open the door and let them in when their parents weren't home). Over and over and over and over... Case thown out. Police threw the case. Police didn't read them their rights. Police didn't follow the rules on collecting and keeping evidence. Over and over and over...


I know why we need a secure postal system, now.

The election.

It's a federal offence to tamper with the post.

Downstairs... I see people's election mail strewn about on the side-walk. We don't have secure post-boxes. We don't have a secure postal system.

Why does this matter?

I think around 1/4 of our population lives overseas.

Apparently around 1 million so we are really a team of 6 million.

Lots of people in NZ are too young to vote... Maybe those numbers add up...

What does this mean?

Well, people can vote online. Yes they can. If they are overseas they don't need to post their votes in.


So... Who controls the software system used for counting the foreign votes for the NZ election?

I'm not making this sh*t up.

Does the NZ government choose to invest in maintaining a postal system? Will it come to this realisation? Will it put that in the rental property laws? That landlords must provide a secure post-box for mail to be recieved by tenants?

The government likes to profit by insisting on sending people things by post that get the person into trouble when tehy don't recevie it. A setting up to fail thing. So people don't get notified their benefit payment will stop or they don't get notified they may choose to appear to defend themselves in court.

I wonder what the international community will decide will be the outcome of the NZ election.

WE are a puppet state...

Concentration camp island.

It's not nice living here... So very very very vvery very far behind...




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