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Re: new zealand: it's not working

Posted by alexandra_k on August 6, 2020, at 2:03:43

In reply to Re: new zealand: it's not working, posted by alexandra_k on August 6, 2020, at 1:51:41

because the exams require a higher level of knowledge than any others that i've seen.

the UMAT was a better exam than the UCAT.

it just was. i could get a sense of what cognitive capacities they were testing for. don't get me wrong i could go 'yeah, i don't got that one' but i could get a sense that some people would do the task differently to me and that's how they'd get it done... i think i got the hang of the scanning they wanted for the verbal task one. it was about scanning for a key word and then a bit of a context search and then finding a target. it was about meaning encoding to identify a synonym. but it was a computational verbal task, yeah... yeahh... yeah... i don't know what is going on with the pattern recognition. is that really a thing? really? i would like to talk to someone who does well at that. to know if i could get a sense of what is going on... i don't see anything.

i learned so much from studying for STEP1. and there's still a lot mroe to learn. but i learned so much. so much more than any of the uni work i've done. well, maybe that's not fair. but i learned so much. it's maybe not fair to first year. it's hard to compare. partly it works for my learning style. books. i'm a fan of books. verbal. yeah. and working at my own pace. it seems weird... but it's like sometimes you need to spend a (distributed) 8 or 9 hours just to get the hang of a word. learning the language. yeah.

the exams, yeah. studying for them. to be able to do them. to do a 15 minute dx focused history and physical exam and write notes for likely dx and tests. studying to be able to do that. clearly that's worthwhile. even if it is a bit overly simplistic...

in studying for it lots of high quality case notes. short, succinct, to the point, relevant, case notes. so you learn to write them yourself. just like that. so and so of sex and age and race with presenting symptoms this and that... so you learn to write them yourself. so you learn what's relevant.

it might please the supervisors in new zealand for you to have a 30 minute chat about the 9 dogs and 3 kids and the horrible slip when they were 4 and their 9 page dispute with the neighbours... but it's not helping people learn to write focused relevant history for dx and tests and medications and procedures. it's just not. i imagine. it's just not.


i cam be surprisingly tolerant if i think people are *trying*. I suck at many things. i am not good at expressing admiration and i am not good at praising people and expressing kindness and stuff like that. i know it helps people relax and that helps bring out the best in people when i smile more and that. i need to learn to get better at that. some other people are really good at stuff like that. i can learn from them. i would if given the chance. learn to be more diplomatic. learn to keep my head down better. but it's hard for me because i don't do well to grit my teeth and turn a blind eye to bullying and autocratic nonsense of people expecting the kids to suck it up and put up with whatever b*llsh*t they throw at them.





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