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Re: new zealand: it's not working

Posted by alexandra_k on August 6, 2020, at 1:36:22

In reply to Re: new zealand: it's not working, posted by alexandra_k on August 6, 2020, at 1:12:42

I don't know that leaving will help. If I do get a bunch of money then I'm sure people just want to steal it. If I do invest it in a Uni overseas why would I think they would be honest with the return on that? I don't think New Zealand is honest in the way they do business. I don't think New Zealand has been honest in our international business interactions / dealings. Why would people overseas be honest or good to me?




So I suppose I think NOrth Carolina. Insofar as they invested in me for one year. Not entirely sure why... To help foster good relations with the ANU because the ANU had money back then. Had post-doctoral fellowships and the economy in the US wasn't doing so well and they were having a hard time getting their graduates tenure-track positions in the US. So... Fund a few years for different PhD studnets to go for a year... And then it would be reasonable / fair to expect or hope that they might find a good graduate to hire for a post-doc. That seems fair. Reasonable. A good investment.

But ANU didn't hire any of them as post-docs. Even when some of them had funds to travel to Aussie and spend weeks in the Department so they were personally known.... They were not treated well. One was treated really badly actually (personal thing about her taking up with someone who someone else in teh department was keen on jealousy kind of a situation). She drunk far too much at a party and threw up a lot on carpet and was mocked and ridiculed. It was awful. It was part of why I didn't want to join them.

So I see why NOrth Carolina invested in me (in the capacity as an ANU student).

And my ANU debt wasn't paid.

But it's maybe a link or tie or something that means I feel I have a bit of a debt there or something to be paid. Or at least to pay things forwards in their particular direction.

I have no ties to Rhode Island. I just liked the ideology that I saw of what they provided for their studnets. So that as a student with a burning passion to study something you could really focus on your studies. Not worry about teh financial aspect or whatever. Just do the work.

And then thinking, though, about how it can become about a grade grubbity grub grub enterprise if there is an over-focus on competitive entry. So you don't have time to do the things you actually need to do to learn things (sometimes it feels like a large step back to take the time to learn for meaning rather than memorising for an exam or whatever).

Then seeing that they tried to stop that with saying that there were places where med school places were guaranteed. So you could just focus on learning. Without worrying about grades.

But then...

Or I should say now...


I worry about how maybe it's just like the system here where the kids of the officials or whatever get their way paved clear but it's actually a matter of screw everybody else.

I worry...

That it might be abotu that. And I worry that I would always be or feel an outsider to that kind of a system. ANd I worry that there is a tight group or whatever that are wealthy that might target me for exclusion. Like how they do, here. Because I'm not focused on sucking up to them and making their kids look and feel like they are the best.


I don't know.

I don't know.

They do say 'better the devil you know' and I guess I know the particular variety of devil that we have, here.

And they aren't from generations of wealth. We can't comprehend that. It's a different kind of devil. One that was abused as a kid and who sort of lives out the fact they were forced to do this and that by forcing others to do this and that. It's a control freak kind of a thing.. It really is about that. They are throwing toddler tantrums that they don't get to decide who does what and that people aren't going into their harry potter sorting hat places or slots that they have ordained for them.

And things just aren't allowed to develop...

I wanted to study here and go overseas to do a specialist training program. I think... I actually think... It is a few years too late for me to want to do undergrad in the US. Perhaps even to do Med in the US... Not sure... There is no in to Med without other study in teh US first... I'm over study. Sign me off sign me off sign me off.

I know they're trying to knock med here out of me. But med here is just a matter of sign me off. Sign me off. Sign me off.

Whack a mole at the people who won't let people with competence or ability or whatever through...

The people who have to control all the competent and capable people out.

The people who grubbity grub grubbed their way through by sucking up to the people who were paid to help them through....


At least let the people work towards foreign examinations?


There's really nothing here...


I suppose more Americans are coming here. We see a few in the papers.
I was sh*tty about them getting expediated entry to the country while New Zealanders with citizenship are told they can't come back because no more quarantine places because they are full of foreign doctors families.

But It is a good thing. Possibly. Insofar as the people coming are competent? I hope so... Maybe people with ties back in the US who are here out of a desire to help. Since they are more likely immune. ANd since once community transmission takes off here we will need someone to pile up the dead, at the very least.

And maybe she can train a few. WRite a few nice references in a timely fashion. And in this way things progress.


I don't want to move to the great unknown.

Moving to a highly structured 3 or 5 or 7 year programme with... Structure. Yeah. That's different. There's a point. A purpose. A progression.

But not pre-med. And so not med in the US. The Step exam from books... The study materials for IMG students that's the way to go.


I wish we could get with the programme and work towards the US accreditations for our studnets.

So they (the good ones) could get training places. Then go train. Go do the training.

Then come back.

Then we'd have competent specialists.

I don't see why it's so damned hard.




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