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Re: new zealand: it's not working

Posted by alexandra_k on August 6, 2020, at 1:12:42

In reply to Re: new zealand: it's not working, posted by alexandra_k on August 6, 2020, at 0:39:55

My supervisor (when I was in Australia) said there was some work that you just couldn't force slaves to do.

He was thinking creative work.

Forced creative work always evokes feelings... That it was forced.

You won't get creative work that inspires joy or wonder or peace or happiness or anything good or light or uplifting or motiating or kind...

When you try and force people do to creative work becuase you know what's best for them and you know what they should contribute to the world etc etc etc.

Other kinds of work, too.

You won't get honest science when you don't know honest science when you see it and when you don't reward honest science. If you become very results focused and pressure for results focused then people will start being creative with results and you won't find real results and if you claim you've found real results it's only a matter time before you are exposed for fraud.

That's why people want to see the publications, these days. It isn't enough to have publications. Because people buy publications. I'm sure NZ had medical journals mostly so that the kids who got the bribery brought places have some way to bribe a publication so they look hireable or good or whatever to foreign training programes or hospitals or universities or whatever. I'm sure that's what it's about. With the glossy paper and so on.

But of course they read your publications, now, to see what you were up to. If you were involved in the manufacture and sale of LSD to vulernable teenagers or giving ketamine to help people feel better about communal sleeping on marae or quite what your deal was.

Which is the only sort of research that people seem allowed to publish, here.

Apparently it's all a bit too modern and controversial and nearly heresay chortle chortle snort to even suggest things like face masks in New Zealand.

I do get that the think they are teaching me some kind of lesson that I was supposed to grubby grubbity grub grub grub the PhD at the earliest available opportunity and even when it took them 10 years to sign me off from it back then that would still have been years ago. I do understand they think they are teaching me a lesson in how I should have grubbity grub grubbed for the top all the way back then. HOw they would have signed me off in only about 10 years if I was truly ignorant about things. If I hadn't have learned about how people actually grow and develop publications and genuinely productive research departments and so on and so forth. If only I stayed stupid enough for them to have signed me off!!

And then I could have joined them! Oh what bliss!! I could have gone on to ineptly do this that the other thing. All the things. Doesnt' matter what things just so long as you agree to not to any of the things the statutes or job descriptions say is actually teh reason you get paid. Just make sure those things are not done on your watch. That's the point of it, it seems. Just make sure your job description is never done. Not on your watch.

And there we go.

The secret as to how New Zealand has managed to avoid developing for so very long.




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