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Re: new zealand: it's not working

Posted by alexandra_k on August 6, 2020, at 0:39:55

In reply to Re: new zealand: it's not working, posted by alexandra_k on August 6, 2020, at 0:17:26

but you need the system to be sufficiently developed such that the judges arrange for the pay-outs to happen such that the good lawyers get paid.

but of course that's assuming that the judges want there to be a good legal system.

rather than the legal training programmes with the teenager girls to be all exploited at those parties... it's their right now the made it to the top, yeah! why else would you be motivated to work so hard and yessir nossir anything you saysir for years and years and years... why else would you work so hard to get to the top of an essentially corrupt system?

we don't have a concept of freedom. of people having internal wisdom about how they are best to live their lives and about how they are best to know what their best contribution to humanity would be.

we still thnk it's about conning or tricking or forcing or exploiting otherwise essential things won't get done.

always with the bullying and so on being justified.

hahahhahaha they got me doing free legal work hahahahhaha.

Let's be completely and utterly honest, here. The only reason they are forcing me to do the legal work is because the people who want to do the legal work... The people who want that more than anything else, who have been askign for that, workng for htat, who have stated in terst in that... It's to prevent them from doing it.

It's just another case of bullying justified by made-up b*llsh*t. Just anothe rcase of might is right and forcing things just because you can.

And as always theres no excuse or no justified reason really, at all.

It' sjust another case of the fitness trap that is NZ an dhow nothing works, here.




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