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Re: left behind

Posted by alexandra_k on June 20, 2020, at 7:27:01

In reply to left behind, posted by alexandra_k on June 20, 2020, at 7:13:32

i mean...

as an example.

Otago says it made a 'healthy profit' in 2019.

it's doing great.

it's one of the highest income earners for our country, apparently.

it's a major employer.


the employees have been saying how horrible it is, working for the University of Otago.

there have been repeated strikes as there have been repeated lay-offs.

they closed down most of the arts. they closed down what was the country's best sport and exercise program.

they turned it from a program that taught movement with gymnastics and ballet to a program where people just hung out and did hip hop and kapa haka... you know... amongst yourselves...

the gymnasium (high ceiling, climbing ropes, rings...) is only used for examinations for students packed around 1,000 to a class...

the centre for bio-ethics... well... the talks are recorded. so they will be viewable.

in my time there they went from bad to worse.

'hey -- why don't we experiment on people with dementia? they can't give consent, but if they aren't screaming in protest then consent in implied -- right? anybody have a problem with that? anybody... anybody... anybody at all? no?'

to 'hey, why don't we start selling organs on the international market? i mean... that's practically what we are doing with blood and blood products as is, right? anybody have any problem'?

while the head of the centre has a series of... strokes?

to the point where he's not washing himself properly.

but it would be impolite to say anything.

i bet they thought they were clever. posting him as head of the centre for bio-ethics at Otago. i can imagine them guffawing over it. wondering out loud how long it would take anybody to notice...

even the academics say it is an awful oppresive environment.

you have these people in the clock-tower...

who refuse to listen to anything that anybody else has to say.

how unhappy the employees are.

how miserable everyone is.

they violate laws (they enter into student accommodation when they have no rights to).

they simply are not able to comprehend anything greater than themselves... their doing whatever they want whenever they want because they want.

they don't advertise positions.

they don't process applications.

they don't process completions.

aside from collecting up all the money...

what is it that they do, exactly?

it's beyond me.




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