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I mean never mind the mongrel mob...

Posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2020, at 20:28:32

In reply to Re: 'they didn't do anything wrong', posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2020, at 19:25:42

what i said about what's required for 'in-group status'.

tatoo on the face 'mongrel mob forever'.

true story.

defection is not possible.

it isn't possible to erase that mark.

once that tattoo is there one is a member -- for life.

i wonder what one has to do to be a member of the 'old-boys' golf club...

the 'in-group' for professional practice registrations and the like.

how many women you have to rape?


and so on.

their kids start young.

that's why they are on the rugby team, i suppose.

so when they steal cars and rape girls and whatever is required for them to be a member of the 'cool-group' at school they get discharged without conviction.

part of them proving an established history.

a sufficient track record, if you will.

of very very serious abuses of power.

they want to make sure they have a well developed taste for it.

that they are motivated and inspired by it.

such that they are sufficiently controllable.

such that they can be neutralised at any time.

it's such a shame...

such a shame...

that we lack the cognitive capacity to get with the program.

to work for the greater good.

that we rule with fear and abuse.

that we have... very very little, almost nothing, to rule over.

becuase people can't produce anything of value on that watch.


just holding everything back...


it's f*ck*ng tiresome.




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