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''what do you meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean by x?'

Posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2020, at 16:54:16

it's captured out news media.

what do you 'meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean by x?'

apparently quarantine meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans being confined to your room. 'managed isolation' is when different people in the same 'quarantine' (ahem ahaw) facilitiy are mingling (just on occasion, just maybe having a puff on someone else's cigarette or taking a swig from their drink bottle or having a laugh...'

so we haven't actually been doing quarantine -- at all.

but wasn't the world health organisation recommendation for there to be quarantine?

but why would we follow even the most minimal recommendations of the WHO?

i mean, the WHO recommends face masks and we won't even require them on airplanes.

we think we know better than the WHO.

apparently air hostesses don't like to think of their jobs as having to wake up people and get them to adjust their face masks. that wasn't why they wanted to be air hostesses!! and of course the most important consideration under the circumstances is this inconvenience to them.

after all the assurances that we have enough ppe it turns out (of course) we had absolutely no idea how much (or how little) ppe there was. turns out that the DHB didn't even know that they were responsible for maintaining stocks and supplies not only for hospitals in the region but for people out there in the communities doing community visits. the aged care facilities. the home support workers.

they hadn't been required to tell the government how much ppe they had since 2006. most of the ppe had expired since then.

what a f*ck*ng farce. it couldn't possibly be any more poorly managed. i can't see how it could be.

there was no way of forecasting future need. because they are too stupid / incompetent / unwilling / unable to even get to any point of comprehension on *present need*. instead we just have a bunch of infighting squabble about how nobody *needs* to use ppe. nobody needs to use it. current need / demand zero. don't worry, we have enough ppe. we have enough for future demand. we don't demand people wear it. therefore there is no demand. it's ingenious! or criminal.... or something...

the real struggle we are having at the moment is getting clear on:

1) the rules.

people just can't do it. from the 2 meter rule to the washing the hands and the calculating the GPA and just all of the things...

2) exemptions / exceptions.

people don't have the ability to comprehend things like 'the reason for the rule' so as to...

do the right thing.

that sense of morality.

it's just lacking.

i guess it is partly lack of education.

the sort of education people used to get in the arts. where you start with listing all the things you think might be relevant. in a group environment so you get most of the things.

then (and we never do this) proceed to systematise the list. to lump together what is basically synonyms. to distinguish different aspects of other components.

to get to the position of listing the things that are relevant.

then to start to weight them (sort of). to think about whether they are substantive or minor with respect to their import.

to come to a reasoned. considered. decision. that takes the things into account. sensibly. that engages in this process of deliberation.

where different people engaging in the same process -- would likely come to the same verdict / answer.

why is this so fuckign hard for people?

and why does it have to take generations???

i mean... people just don't seem able to do it.

is it lack of frontal lobe capaciaty? lack of practice? most people dno't think. are not practiced in thinking.

i remember being frustrated that most subjects (outside philosophy) did not do systematising. in education, for instance, they were a great fan of the all inclusive brain storm list of everybody's idea gets to go up on the board. but they thought everybodies idea was of equal weight, or similar, even when some people only said something becuase they liked the sound of their own voice. even when it was just different words expressing the same thing.

when we get to the part that computers can't do... many people can't do, either.

it's like our health system intentionally selects only people who are unable to do these things.

i don't know what the f*ck*ng problem is.

corruption, i guess.




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