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Re: ''what do you meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean by x?'

Posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2020, at 17:41:33

In reply to Re: ''what do you meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean by x?', posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2020, at 17:22:40

and it is the inability / incapacity to grasp that which is higher.

the idea.

the ideal.

the intrinsically motivating the intrinsically valuable.

the reason. the rationale. the higher authority.

how any statement of rule or whatever is an approximation of that that which is higher. is a tool to get to that which is higher.

but people cannot see. cannot grasp. thus cannot work towards that which is higher.

you know... a judge granted the first compassionate exemption to 'quarantine' (ha he ha ha ha ha). the lawyers involved in bringing the case to the court, the judge who made the judgement all did good work in articulating the relevant considerations. the things that needed to be considered.

so that other people could use that as something of a template and go on in the same way.

but they didn't.

two people were granted permission to take a 8 or 9 hour road trip to go visit dying relative / funeral (i forget).

who looked at that application and thought that letting them do a 8 or 9 hour road trip was a good idea? where they campers? did they have she-wees? how exactly where they going to pull that off without bathroom stops? what was the plan? what food were they taking with? what was the plan to deal with driver fatigue? did they have GPS on their phone so they could navigate the roads? did they have maps? what was the emergency plan if they break down?

what f*ck*ng idiot approved that exemption? with an eye to whether it was possible for them (plalusible that they could) do that trip -- without putting members of the public at risk?

if a person doesn't have the cognitive capacity to think up things that are fairly obvious relevant (once pointed out at least) then they don't have the capacpit to do that job. sorry... i'm sure you are great at something -- but not that thing.

we are too busy hiring nepotistically for money and titles... and we just don't seem to have competent people doing jobs of public importance / significance.

it defies credability.

and now we look at medical admissions...

and i already know that seeking registration in New Zealand... well... things will need to change a lot before it's time for me to be registered. because this whole thing they have got of only approving those who have been let off from their abuse / misuse of power convictions... from their fraud against the company convictions... etc etc etc... the people just like them who don't follow the rules who likely don't understand the rules...

the people with no grasp of anything higher...

laws unto themselves

do whatever htey want whenever they want at the expense of everyone else...

why would i seek registration in that system?

it's in spite of them - not because of them.

the English people said it well: working for doctors, working for patients.

i don't know if people are capable of holding the patients welfare centre stage. we only have self-preservation at the expense of the patient. i mean.... do what you want for your amusement and off with her head. that's the art of medicine -- right?

i mean you can take the picture down but how many generations only wanted to study / register to practice in new zealand because of that ideal that you presented on the stairwell of the medical school?

things are very corrupt here.




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