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spoiled little rich kid

Posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2020, at 20:44:28

In reply to I mean never mind the mongrel mob..., posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2020, at 20:28:32

i mean, think about it...

spoiled little rich kid (by new zealand standards -- which is to say not very rich at all. no conception of investing wisely over the long term. no conception of working for ones money) can do anything anything anything at all...

why would spoiled little rich kid want to study medicine and become a doctor?

why wouldn't spoiled little rich kid want to simply party party party party pary the days away.
why wouldn't spoiled little rich kid simply enjoy the drugs and the women and all the things that one can buy in virtue of being spoiled little rich kid?

well, now, this is where the parental investment (or self-preservation, really) kicks in...

think of the wonders and priviledges!!!

think of the kinds or types of drugs that one can obtain...

think of the things that one can do to women (children, old people)...

such riches as these cannot be obtained any other way!!

one has best study medicine and obtain registration to practice.

so one can write prescriptions and perform procedures in a nation that no speak-y no english when it comes to actual scope of competence or when it comes to guidelines and regulations around informed consent and what things are appropriate under what conditions and the like.

i mean just think of it...

it's the only thing that actually makes sense of our present system.

it isn't simply the lack of organisation.

there is a force that keeps things maintained in their present state.

there is a force that has directed things away from their natural inclination *towards* development and fairer systems of acountability and organisation.




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