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Re: racism vs nepotism

Posted by alexandra_k on June 12, 2020, at 17:38:41

In reply to Re: monuments / statues, posted by alexandra_k on June 12, 2020, at 3:03:29

I do think racism is an extension of nepotism.

Because where racism is a problem... Classism is also a problem.

That is to say it isn't just that white people are horrible to people they perceive as non-white -- they are horrible to plenty of white people, also.

There are ghetto slums trailor parks and the like full of white people, also.

I read an article (I forget by whom and where it was published) and it was actually pretty good in laying out some of these things.

I don't mean to undermine the things that happen to people because of their appearance. Cops pulling people over because they are black (that doesn't happen to white people of any class)... Things like that...

But I guess I do think that the source of it all is in nepotism.

The idea that one is entitled to. That one is supposed to. That one is somehow morally required to... Work to advantage oneself... Or, if not oneself then the biological extension of oneself that is ones progeny.

In fact... I knew a philosopher who worked in ethics who said she was going to write a paper on how she thought that one actually had a moral duty to advance ones kids at the expense of everyone elses. She wasn't kidding, either.

Instead of working to the development of structures to ensure... Fairness. Equality. Justice. For all... People work to profit themselves and their progeny at everyone else's expense and to the demise of the overall project.

The pressure must be considerable.

When I was in North Carolina one of the Graduate Students there said about how she was really angry (still) that she had wonky teeth... Because her father was a dentist and he fixed up other kids wonky teeth for a living. And when she was growing up (and in fact still) she was very self-conscious about her wonky teeth. And she really really really really really wanted them to be fixed. And he wouldn't. Because he believed it was cosmetic.

And I don't know any more than that. If it was a case of expression of power... Withholding... For no other reason than because you can. Or if it was that he was so really very morally indignant about people having their kids undergo torturous procedures for purely cosmetic reasons (but he seemed okay to take their money to do that)... And his daughter wanted her teeth fixed...


Perhaps that isn't the relevant case, here.

I suppose it is more that a parent might be in the position to be on the Medical Admissions Committee and influence 'decisions' that apparently they have the God Given Right to make (because they don't simply accurately record (GPA x 60) + (UMAT or UCAT x 15) + (Interview Score x 25) for rank order place and offer places from rank order listing... Noooooooo. Their job is to make up what GPA they want people to have, retrospectively. To throw out applicants who rank highly enough for offer of place because they decided they were 'ineligible' so as to give the places to... People who bribed them? To their kids? To some combination of that...

And the idea is that if one has the power to do that -- why then that is what one should do. It is like.... If you are tutoring then you get free whiteboard markers and pens and stationary perks associated with the job. If you are on the medical admissions committee you get perks associated with the job like getting to pick your kids and the other kids that you don't mind your kids associating with and hanging out with. Right? It's your God Given right.


Apparently Otago needs to invest in an IT system.

First... Accounting software. So we can see where the money goes.

Secondly... Patient records. So we can see that the 'doctors' they 'hire' can write coherent patient notes. So we have a record of what they did, to whom, when where and why.

The most basic systems of accountability.

Then you can see if you can give them more money... To do things like hire competent staff to use actual goods in the provision of actual services...

Or if the situation is worse than Africa. Where for every $1 you give to the District Health Board to spend on Health they give themself pay rise after pay rise after pay rise... They arrange for the 'training' of their own children... They 'hire' foreign 'doctors' who have been struck off registers to practice various other places around the world (who will agree to work for peanuts and use no resources)...

What a f*ck*ng farce.




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