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Re: lives matter

Posted by alexandra_k on June 11, 2020, at 3:15:10

In reply to Re: dramas, posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2020, at 22:34:10

in the protest in Auckland people were saying 'black lives matter' over and over... and i was standing there seeing the flag of the Black Power gang flying and the Maaori soverignty flag flying...

And I suppose I was a bit concerned that Maaori were somehow co-opting what happened to Floyd for their own political agenda...

And I yelled 'ALL lives matter' a few times...

And now I see / hear that 'all lives matter' and 'white lives matter' have been co-opted by people who don't think that black lives matter. Or people who think that black lives don't matter. Or somesuch... And so now you can't say 'ALL lives matter' or 'white lives matter' -- without people thinking you are racist.

I suppose it is context.

I yelled 'black lives matter' too. A lot. And I yelled 'yellow lives matter' a few times -- after I got some looks, I suppose.


I don't know.

I suppose it is context.

The people who have been saying 'white lives matter' most recently have been tearing down 'black lives matter' posters, and the like. So not saying it as a 'yes, and' but as a 'no, because'.

It doesn't feel so good to be afraid of / for saying the wrong thing.

I guess people are questioned, though, and have chance to explain / clarify / apologise for miscommunication. From what I have seen. So... Yeah.

I don't feel that it has co-opted things for a wrong cause for people to be concerned about police brutality and institutional racism. I think that focus has been good. New Zealand doesn't like to think of / see itself as being racically supremacist. But New Zealand knows pretty well that it is very nepotistic. I don't suppose they put those things together very well at all. And systematic oppression of... Well... Whoever you can get away with oppressing, really. I mean, if you can get away with stealing someones stuff then why wouldn't you?




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