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Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2020, at 2:09:10

contempt gets in the way of co-operation. an interesting thing that Trump said.

i feel bad saying something that i did about watching people with bad form...

i remember training a chicken to peck a key for food. to start with you rewarded an approximation in the general direction. then over time you got more specific in what you would reward. eventually nothing other than accuracy was rewarded. and then consistent pecking was expected, really, for a variety of reinforcement schedules.

some peope are quite... inhibited. themselves. too much frontal lobe activity, or something. so you gotta get them moving and keep them moving. keep them moving. keep them moving. and be careful in how you encourage them to keep moving so that you don't shut them down.

some other people throw themselves into things more so you can be more overtly critical and they will keep moving...

there is something about confidence coming from competence. ideally that is exactly where it comes from. ideally.

i totally did the right thing in joining that gym. the core classes are really really great. i should do the class every day. i simply don't work my anterior core, otherwise. every second track is a back track, too, and i need to pratice using my posterior chain only insofar as i can maintain abdominal activation. still really just starting to get activation. not really even in a strengthening phase yet. super important to be doing it every day.

i've actually been really impressed by various things that people have been doing. a couple girls doing swings with a really heavy kettlebell. I could swing it up... but it would smash my back on the way down. there's no way i have a core that would de-accelerate the weight coming down. so that was really impressive, actually.

and someone doing heaps of abdominal roll outs...

and just various people doing various things...

i even got caught in sprint today (a really bad idea because it's the 'jumpiest' class that there is) and the instructor was able to give low impact cues on the fly so that i could actually do the first 3 or 4 tracks. at which point i left because... i am not cardio fit. and it was the high intensity interval training 30 minute course and i do tend to get a bit excited and jump around more than i should on my ankles which means I know I will have some trouble walking tomorrow...

but, yeah.

i got a case file number. so... looks like the courts didn't decide the case was vexatious. i filed everything that i was supposed to file sufficiently well for things to be proceeding. so that is good.




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