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Re: monuments / statues

Posted by alexandra_k on June 12, 2020, at 2:59:05

In reply to Re: lives matter, posted by alexandra_k on June 11, 2020, at 3:15:10

People in NZ have started complaining about statues / monuments that glorify war criminals and the like.

To start with... Well... I wasn't sure...

But then to see the reaction of the Regional Councellors and the like... As someone pointed out 'the problem isn't so much them [the statues] it's them [the people sitting in the present council chambers]'.

And I suppose I remembered just how frequently people attempt to justify their appallingly morally corrupt actions by saying that such things are inevitable in order for a person to achieve anything at all. Etc etc. And I suppose I think that the statues of the horrible people who did horrible things are something that has fed into their mis-conception.

I thought the thing about 'Make America Great Again' was to do with national pride. Americans used to feel proud that they were American because of the things that America represented to them. The greatest freedoms and protections (laws) in the world. The greatest economy. Those kinds of things. And about how people aren't feeling so proud to be American, anymore. People aren't thinking that America is a seat of the best manufacturing in the world (things like Apple Computers and Levi Jeans) -- manufacturing is contracted out. Those kinds of things...

Then there is this idea that America only was as great as it was (used to be) because it exploited people. This idea that it is inevitable that one exploits a group of people (profiteers from slavery or from inhumane working conditions or whatever other exploitative practices) to achieve greatness.

That seems to be the idea of the statues celebrating war profiteers and slavers and the like.

So the cry to 'make America Great Again' could be understood as intrinsically or inherantly racist -- if racism is necesssary or intrinsic or essential to greatness.


I don't believe that it is.

People are short sighted. Narrow minded with it. Slavery and exploitation isn't any part of great-ness at all. It's an impedement to greater greatness that comes from equality and fairness and justice for all. Part of what made America great. Of course it could be said that it wasn't anywhere near as great as we thought it was with all that was going on behind closed doors -- and that would be true. That would be true. But to make America Great again, to make it Greater than it ever was before means to progress the whole freedom, equality, and justice for all to greater heights than ever before. I would have thought.

But now I think that it is important to tear those statues down. Becuase the short sighted narrow minded bigoted idiots generally do revere them as heroes and attempt to emulate their horribleness. Their defence is their f*ck*d up stupid thinking that such things are necessary or inevitable. Their believing that it is excusable. That others would only exploit them if they weren't the major exploiter of others.

Things are very very corrupt in New Zealand.

We are back to our same-old of selling visas to the highest bidder. I think we are calling them 'valuable investors' or whatever which is just another way of saying we are trading the health of our people to hte highest bidder.

I wonder how much a person with a positive Covid test would need to bribe a NZ official to be granted visa entry. I wonder what the dollar value would be.

The Universities are saying they can quarantine students in high rise student towers with only about 16 to a bathroom and shared kitchen and laundry facilities. Becuase, you know, that's what quarantine meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans.

But of course they don't want the students who are about to graduate (they have no intention of signing them off) they only want to start brand spanking new students who will feel obliged to continue to invest in NZ for 3 years... 4 years... 5 years... 10 years.. How many years? To get signed off on their 3 year qualification??

We let 'essential workers' like film crews (because nobody in NZ is capable of operating a camera / acting for a camera clearly) in -- wiht family members. America's cup crew get to bring children -- and a nanny. All this is essential for our economy. Apparently.


Yeah, right.




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