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Re: Are you scared of death?

Posted by alexandra_k on May 25, 2020, at 20:22:33

In reply to Re: Are you scared of death?, posted by alexandra_k on May 25, 2020, at 20:10:33

well it would have to be geometry.

on the basis of a mental map.

but then wouldn't that be an abstraction from someone taking a stick and drawing lines in the dirt that formed a representation of a space that you also were able to physically orient yourself around?

and acquring meanings means hearing people speak. or seeing written word. or seeing sign language.

people thought that you needed sensory experience to be able to think about such things. (empiricists).

other people thought (idealists) that the contents or components of meanings or whatever were supplied by the mind rather than sensory expeirence in the world.

i think the truth is both compoennts are necessary for full development of them. but getting at the *precise contribution from each component* has been interesting.

that's why psychologists got all excited wehn they found this kid who was older than 7 years old who had been kept by her parents in a room and never spoke to her. they thought they could try and teach her language and it would be support for (or against) this idea that you needed exposure to language before age 7 otherwise your brain would hardwire and you could never attain fluency.

they called her 'i dream of genie'. becuase she was a wet dream for a psychologist interested in such things.

but it came out in the criminal trial of her parents that they locked her away and treated her like that because they thought by looking at her / interacting with her that something was wrong with her, already.

so the psychologists lost interest and dumped her in an institution.

but there was this idea that before 7 or you never attain fluency as a native speaker (for deveo of true bilinualism or multilingualism). and they wondered if that might be true for linguistic ability across or over ALL languages. and they were interested in how if she was not able to develop language only becuase of her lack of exposure (otherwise normal cognitive develompent and capacity assumed) then we would know about what language was responsible for by way of seeing what if any other defects or lacks of ability she had.

that was the idea.

they say that about throwing arms, too. before 7 or never at all.

'critical age'.

that way there isn't any point teaching other people's kids -- see?




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