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Re: Are you scared of death?

Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2020, at 21:20:46

In reply to Re: Are you scared of death?, posted by sigismund on May 29, 2020, at 22:31:55

i don't suppose there is much difference between regretting nothing and regretting everything. i suppose i regret everything, really.

my masters thesis had a chapter on the Cotard Delusion. named after Jules Cotard a French neurologist (i think) who discovered it. his patients would say they were dead.

i wrote about whether they were delusional in a believing a contradiction sense of denying the cognito 'i think therefore i am'... or if they were expressing a feeling of emotional non-responsivity or numbness in the context of depression. my point was the rather Wittgenstinean one that there are many things that people can do with language (many language-games) and expressing how we feel is surely one of them. clinicians jump all over things sometimes and magnify the problem / issue and make it worse... often to justify their own existence, i think. well, i didn't say that. i didn't know why they seemed to be almost willfully misunderstanding...

but now i know.

i don't regret raging against the machine.

the protest has made me aware that what is going on in medical selection in new zealand is a case of the 'chosen white' choosing people who (they feel) are sympathetic enough to the 'chosen white' cause. of course the majority of them don't see it that way... they think they are being inclusive and so on... in picking a few white-looking members of ethnic minority who maybe pay a sufficient bribe and / or express sympathy / empathy for the 'chosen white' cause...

of course the people who decide who gets to live or die...

acccording to the new york times...

who gets medical tests and medical treatments in the time of scarcity...


say what you will about Trump...
saying what he did resulted in India increasing output of anti-malerial medications (because they thought it would be financially lucrative to do so because they could sell the medication to rich and stupid americans / to clinicians wanting to take prophylaxix for themselves...)
the medications are being shipped to Brazil so that clinicians in Brazil can look after themselves...
or give themselves heart conditions or whatever...
or give their dose to someone with malaria who cannot afford the medication...
or something.

I am curious about what use he is going to put the money that he is no longer giving to the WHO.

He believes he can make better use of it.

I am excited to see.

Precedent... Looks good for him.

I think.

Actually: Doesn't look good for him. Which is perhaps important. Perhaps an important part in him being able to effect the things that need to be affected. Sometimes adoration can get in the way of efficacy... Because the things you need to do to be adored... To retain adoration...




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