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Re: Are you scared of death?

Posted by alexandra_k on May 25, 2020, at 19:41:13

In reply to Re: Are you scared of death?, posted by alexandra_k on May 25, 2020, at 19:31:53

because it just gets me thinking

why was i born at all?

why did it have to be like anything, anything, anything at all to be me?


and of course that's why i did philosophy.

why i turned to philosophy. why i was interested in learnign abuot various aspects of philosophy.

but the field came to be populated with people who are in it for...

the money.

for the company. becuase they were attracted to staying with the people who were already there. and / or the people who wanted to be there. and / or the people who were working to be there.

and 'what do you mean by x' tagged in front of something was mistaken for a good question. and failure of reading comprehension was mistaken for an insight into possibility. or a failure of reading comprehension was mistaken for intellectual curiosity or whatever. it isn't about deepening our understanding in meaningful ways when it's a basic failure of reading comprehension...



and i came to find the basic questions i had... the philosophical questions i had were resolved to my satisfaction. the fly had been shown the way out of the fly bottle.

and now it was time to do something else. to answer other questions. to then go on to employ those answers and those understandings to the enlightened task of helping others.

not helping myself to others.

helping others.

not others helping themselves to me.

helping others.

not being exploited by others.

helping others.

but people would rather help themselves to me...
prevent me...
obstruct me...
try and force me to do what *they think* would be good for me (and good for them)

but mostly: they have the power to ignore and confuse and obstruct and prevent and that's what they seem to get on with doing.

i mean...

you do the degree... you do the work for the degree... you get the degree. it's simple. couldn't be any simpler.

but they think they are above the calendar statutes. they think they are above the legislation. they think they are a law unto themselves. they think they can do whatever they want whenever they want because they want.

and since nobody would voluntarily help them they think they will keep slaves tehn.

they don't train the next generation.

they don't even learn from the next generation.

they don't seem to realise how they cripple development.




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