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Re: Are you scared of death?

Posted by alexandra_k on May 25, 2020, at 19:22:24

In reply to Re: Are you scared of death?, posted by Lamdage22 on May 24, 2020, at 9:54:40

I think it is a... Meme. I don't think 'meme' is the right word...

I feel like there was some discussion or something someplace that is supposed to be common-knowledge -- but I don't remember what the discussion was, exactly, or who the people were...

The the outcome was supposed to be that nobody remembers being born. Maybe even that it is impossible to remember being born.

I think when I did psychology there was something about limits to memory and why it is that we can't remember things any earlier than toddler-hood.

I have some very distinct memories from toddler-hood. Apparently most people do not. Many of my toddler-hood memories are about emotionally significant moments in my toddler-life.

Being pushed / falling down the stairs was a shock to me. Indignant wah!

Falling through a glass window-seat. Indignant! Also stitched! Wah!

`Helping' a neighbour water flowers between our sections. Blabbity blab blab blab blab...

Then many... Maybe memories. But maybe 'rememberings' that have been articulated more recently when I looked through photograph albums.

I also remember aspects of learning to read. Mostly how painful it was to me to have my mother read to me, after that. I remember many of the childhood books. Dr Seuss, usually. Phenomes and rhyming stories. I learned when I was 3, you see. I remember spending most of 4 'interviewing' at schools because I really really really wanted to go to school (my brother was 10 years older and I wanted to be just like him). And get away from Mother. But the principles would rubbish rubbish pooh pooh my reading. Saying I memoried the words and wasn't reading really. Saying I might be pattern recognising the words but I didn't understand the meanings really. Saying I might understand the meanings but I didn't understand the stories / the themes.

Of course nobody asked me reading comprehension questions.

But I remember wondering: What more is there to reading? There is supposed to be something more to reading? Something I am not getting. Soemthing everybody else I know can do -- but I can't. What can they do that I can't? Where are the meanings?

Death is not something to fear because death is not *lived through*. I think Wittgenstein said that.




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