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Re: the implosion of education

Posted by alexandra_k on April 29, 2020, at 19:54:16

In reply to Re: the implosion of education, posted by alexandra_k on April 29, 2020, at 19:42:37

and so it's very simple:

my GPA is 8.6

according to the stated algorithm on how that is supposed to be calculated.

medical admissions can cry all it likes that it's too incompetent to calculate a GPA properly that doesn't change the fact of what it is.

the univeristy of waikato can falsify my online records all they like (i don't suppose they want any international students to invest in us at all because no international studnets will invest in us once they learn that waikato will take their money and only give them worthless degrees that they won't even acknwoeldge they gave them 5 year later if that)

the medcial admission committee is required to process my f*ck*ng application proeprly.

i completed the requirements of the mphil in fact.

they can cry 'but you weren't SUCCESSFUL because the dean refused to give your thesis to the examienrs for them to sign oyou off as they indicated they were willing to do' all they like.

i did everything i was required to do for completion of the thesis.

waikato violated their regulations and the contract they had with me and with the government by refusing to get my work to examiners so the examiners could do their job in helping competent and capable studnets complete their work with the university in a timely fashion.

it's done.

and the medical school is required to admit the applicants who are qualified (as i am) who rank order list.

and the medical school is required to provide suitable placements.

and they are required to sign off all (and only) the students who have f*ck*ng well met the requirements for the degree.

and if they don't want to / won't / can't do their jobs then they should give back all the money they've taken so far for doing the jobs they refuse to do....

and let someone else do it, then.

i'm sure there are medical schools other places who can roll out an online curriculum that's considerably more avanced that anytign the univesrity of aukcland has ever done.

at least let the students sit the medical lisencing exams.

at least see if any of them happen to accidentally have a moral sense despite the very best efforts of the tribal chieftans of nz responsible for holding their people back in their slummy slum slum slums




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