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Re: the implosion of education

Posted by alexandra_k on April 29, 2020, at 18:34:49

In reply to Re: the implosion of education, posted by alexandra_k on April 29, 2020, at 18:22:32

I guess it is the people who couldn't tell the difference.

The ones who couldn't do the high end distinguisher questions.

They are in charge now and they think that their multiple choice questions are every bit as good as everyone elses in coming down to a coin toss for those last two because that's the way multiple-choice has always been -- right?

and learning is like.. money. right?

so that makes alex a grubbity grub grub grub that alex has grubbity grub grubbed up all this knowledge of academia and she's hoarding it to herself she won't spoon feed it to me over the next 10 years of her life...

and she's learned enough. she should leave some learnings and knowledge for other people. she can't be good at everything. she should let other people be good at things too. public health was a first in family degree and she's not first in family and she's good at other things so it is fair and equitable for her to fail a class for once becuase she doesn't fail classes and other people should get to be the best at academic first year classes at university even when (especially when) they don't do the work (the tutors write their work for them).

that's what equity and fairness looks like. giving the mob the things that the individuals have. taking from the individuals and giving to the mob.

the organs.

that's next.

that's why the ventillators.

to teach people 'just because you can do something doesn't mean its teh right thing to do'..

it was Singer who said you couldn't do ethics in NZ because you don't have this basic respect, basically, that is the basis or grounding for difference. difference (of idea or whatever) simply cannot be tolerated.

you just have to sit about singing the praises of the other... for generations.. and we sill aren't any further ahead.

it's not something i can do. who in tehir right mind would think that is a good job for me?

it's just about people taking my stuff.

a f*ck*ng sh*t hole of a wreck of a country.

there's nothing here.

people cry 'poor pooor poor' while grubbing up all the resources and 'we don't have neough' in the face of significant excess.

we cry we don't have enough skilled and trained doctors but we refuse to train the ones with teh capacity to learn and we refuse to, once they have learned, sign them off. then let them freaking well do it, already.

just this fukcing dead wood with an iron grip grubbing all the resources and refusing to allow capable and competent people to contribute.

what a f*ck*ng farce of a joke.




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