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Re: the implosion of education

Posted by alexandra_k on April 29, 2020, at 19:24:55

In reply to Re: the implosion of education, posted by alexandra_k on April 29, 2020, at 18:35:24

I mean...

THe University is falsifying it's own transcript.

I have a conferred Degree with a paper transcript that was physically posted to me that was signed by the Univesrity registrar that records my grades and what year the course was done in so my GPA can be calculated.

The University Transcript states on it how I was enrolled for 1 calendar year and then 1 acadamic year to write a 120 point (1 year) Masters thesis.

120 points is a normal full time workload for 1 year of work -- not including summer school.

Undergraduates usually do something like 60 points in the first semester and 60 points in the second for 120 points of full time study over 1 academic year.

Summer school is a way of 'getting ahead' because you can do summer school which means you did more than 120 points over the course of that year which means your 'best 120 point GPA' could come up. because of teh sacrifice you suppodedly made in giving up your summer holiday to do extra work.

So 120 points over 4 academic semesters and 1 summer school period is less than 60 points per year. which is part time. which means it doesn't count towards your full time GPA. it's otherwise known as being a b*llsh*t worthless waste of time degree because teh Univesrity refuses to get your work to examiners for examination in a timely fashion.

But who would do a Masters Degree -- right?

I mean, you do undergrad. ANd you learn that your lecturers are intellectually handicapped. NOt capable of writing a multiiple-guess with high end distinguishers. You see how you hemorrage marks and how they flunk you for having an opinion. Then you learn that gubbity grub grub grubbing your way through as quickly as humanly possible is the task..

(This is what the administrators ideal is that I am explaining here)

Which simply involves being as sycophantic to them as you possibly can be.

And once they think yo uhave sufficiently learned your lesson in grubbity grub grub ness and you understand your job is to hold the largest mob of students you can muster at the university for the maximum possible time...

you have earned your keep. potentially. with the sign off.

do you see?

and so i never was going to get to do Medicine. because i wasn't picked from high school and they don't want me marrying their high school kids and i didn't marry one of their high school kids already. and it's just an inbreeding program really.

that's how they make sure they constantly cry that there isn't enough doctors!

instead of giving medical studnets elective placements in hospitals this year they gave them elective placements in early childcare education looking after doctors kids in doctors houses.

it's quite the scammy scummy scammy scummity scum scum.

how the money goes around.

how they should have built fall-out shelters, really.

how they can't appear in public anymore.

the mess they made.

sh*tt*ng in their neighborhoods.

all because they won't let the people take their exams.




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