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Re: the implosion of education

Posted by alexandra_k on April 29, 2020, at 19:42:37

In reply to Re: the implosion of education, posted by alexandra_k on April 29, 2020, at 19:24:55

oh. so the university falsifies my transcript.

introduces an 'online document sharing' system (for the purpose of making sure that any employer inquiry will throw the student back to teh university always)...

and sets about falsifying my transcript for degree previously conferred.

they remove the dates on my masters enrolment. Instead of the start date and the end date (1 calendar year) then ... (for continuing) anad then a start date (day after the end date at the start of the next academic year) and the end date of the last day of the end of the academic year on the second year...

THey put 'C' as a course code. Which was not a course code before. Previously Y was the course code on a year long enrolment. For HOnors courses that ran from teh start of the academic year until the end (with one lot of exams). Instead of semester long courses.

So they list MA 2004 C term of enrolment. And the course key says C term of enrolment is 'other' term of enrolment (unspecified whether it's a 10 year or a 50 year program).

Then MA 2005 C term of enrolment.

ANd it could be full time if I started in the second semester of 2004 and completed the end of the first semester in 2005 but that is not what I did.

And when you look at the University Calendar Regualtions for 2004 and 2004 there is no such thing as an MA with a C course code.

They are retrospectively falsifying the course codes, I mean to say.

The University.

That's right: The University is the main offender when it comes to producing false and fraudulent and rubbish b*llsh*t made up transcripts.

They don't even acknowledge their own degrees.

They don't even acknowledge the degrees they previously conferred.

They don't even do this within the country they were awarded.

They want degrees to expire after 5 years.

Then the idea is... What... You have to do a PhD again because your brain fell out 5 years later?

The idea is that it is about grubbing your way to the top as quickly as you can. And the idea is that if you didn't learn that lesson early on enoguh to have done that then you fail.

So if you didn't grub your way from honors to scholarship place PhD...

Then they won't look at getting your work to examiners.

And if you don't get some executive type grubbity grub job 5 years after getting your PhD then you are crazy worthless welfare bum.

You didn't make it.

You failed in the life mission of grubbity grubbity grub grub as quickly as possible for your mob and your slum.

That's the meaning of life.

For all the peopel too busy being grubs to have any kind of existential crisis or have any kind of life experience at all.

It's their way and that's the only way.

Tehre is no other way.

They completely gutted everything they rules.

Like a swarm of locusts.


They moved quickly through the University because they didn't take time to smell the roses.

And now they rip up the roses (weeds) that they see because they are in the way of the tree plantations...

Or whatever.

I did 1 year of work in 2018 which was what I contracted to do.

The University refused to have my work externally examined in a timely fashion.

Teh University refused to deliver the only outcome of examiantion that could be delivered.

They don't have a f*ck*ng choice.

They don't get to change my transcript retrospectively because they think my GPA is too high.

That's not how GPAs are supposed to work..

The University council isn't supposed to go: Here are our kids and they need a GPA in this band. So now lets assign them grades for their individual couses that they did over the cours of the semester quite independently of what teh lecturers wrote independently of the work that they did...

That's what's actually happening in the institutions in NZ.

I don't see what other sense I can make of this situation where they are now refusing to base the outcome of my examiantion on what teh f*ck*ng examiners told them the outcome was.

I don't see what other sense I can make of this situation where the University is retrospectively falsifying my transcript in order to change my best 120 point full time GPA.

My external examiner on my MA thesis wrote me a brief report to accompany the grade. He said that he could only give it an A and not an A+ because there were typographcial errors in it and it hadn't been checked by anybody for those.

Whose job is it to check a students thesis for typographical errors?

My supervisor had 4 semesters and 1 summer school period for me to do 120 points of work.

He never asked to see any of the work.


Not even before I submitted it for examiantion.


It's okay. The work doesn't count, anyway.

And with the last project I did: The University calendar said the changes the examienrs needed before teh university was requierd to accept it could be signed off by THE EXAMINERS. Both of the examiners indicated they were willing to sign me off within 10 weeks.

It's the f*ck*ng universities in NZ.

It's not stolen genration when the kids are paying you.

It's not stolen generation when the kids are 20 30 40 years old.

F*ck*ng grow up.




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