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the implosion of education

Posted by alexandra_k on April 29, 2020, at 18:00:25

It used to be that the path of least resistence was to find a job while you were still in school and drop out of school.

You got money. That meant you could buy a car. Run a car. It was a fast track to cool-ness with the High School kids because you could fund parties. Depending on your parents you could move out into your own place and fund parties.

A way to enjoy your late teenage / early adult years.

Or you could go to University of Tech. Then you would need a part time job to fund the above.

Or you could go to Univerity or Tech and choose to hunker down. Not get a job so that you could invest those hours on your studies. Reap the better grades for the sacrifies you made in spending those Friday nights with your head in the books.

But the last paragraph... An education... Isn't something that we value or have anymore.

We want the best grades to go not to the people who invest in their education. Do the work for their education. But to the cool kids. The popular kids. The kids who were able to command the largest mob.

That's we value. The ability to command the largest mob.

For good or ill. Doesn't matter. Where's the money? That's the point. The ability to command the largest mob. By facebook or whatever...

I think brains / intelligence / smarts / critical thinking sorts of skills really are like a muscle. That's how come you get really freaking smart little kids. With really active and curious and playful minds. And that's why you get dumb as dirt professors and the like who haven't actually used their brain for the last however many years.

There was this joke about the mollusc who used his brain to locomote to a place and then had no use for it and ate it (don't know if myth or true). Joke was tenure was like that. Once you got tenure you ate your brain because you didn't need it anymore.

Tenure was supposed to be a wage that supported your independent research.

But we only give it people who have eaten their brains, already. To ensure no reasech is done. It's your reward for having eaten your brain, or something.

I used to think that it would be cool to do all the classes. All the undergraduate classes. All the degrees. To think about all the thigns ou would have learned about how the world works and so on. From all the people at the University. Like.. The entirety of the knowledge of the University. A little bit. Sort of. I never understood these ethics talks by people who would say things like how life would have no meaning of value if we lived forever. Things like how we would get bored. It always seemed to me that this position or perspective revealed very little brain or person who had eaten their brain already. The more you know the more you realise you don't know very much at all. Expansionist. They had the opposite. They had become narrow minded.

But people don't.

I mean... Most universities have some policy that is supposed to make it so. I mean... Full time staff can take 1 or maybe 2 courses per year at no cost.

That means that English Professor can do, I don't know. A first year course in HIstory. Geography. Accounting. I don't know. Something. So they can better underststand what is going on in that part of the University. Make connections. Broaden their minds. So they don't make the mistakes it's f*ck*ng embarrassing to see in print where you think 'if you had done decently well in a first year course in the subject I really don't think you would have said that'...

But they don't take courses.

Why not?

They suspect they will be flunked out.

They wouldn't want to blind grade their studnets work... If there was professor of economics, biology, chemistry, IT... Because

*they can't tell the difference*

They can't tell the differnce. If you pulled it out of your *rs* at 3am. Or if you worked hard on it over months.

*they can't tell the difference*

They can't tell the difference. If you are literature or not.

*they can't tell the difference*

And that's the problem. Right there.

Instead of making a system whereby ANYBODOY who wants to learn something can learn that and .... Yuo grade people on some things about their natural ability, sure, and also their work how they worked at it. Their ability to comprehend and understand what was taught.. And to be asking good questions that (if followed up on in more advanced study) would lead to advances and developements in our understanding and the field as a whole.

Instead of working to deveop that system...

People work to undermine it.

We want these little inbred kids to have no exposure to anything outside out control. We wnat control of every single thing that is allowed to appear before their minds. We will give them their abstracts for their research. We will take what they produce for us as output of post-modernist essay generator and edit it into form that 10 years later... we will approve to be published in the NZ Medical Students Journal.

Or not.

What a f*ck*ng joke.

So when I go to differne seminars aroudn the University... When I ask a good question (to demonstrate comprehension and that my mind is engaged with respect to further developments for the field)...

They actually think that I'm some kind of intellectually handicapped psych patient weirdo who is barely tolerated....

That's actually how they view / see me.

A fan-boy.

Hanging off their every word. Without speaking rights...

Where does the money go?

Grubbity grub grub grubbity grub grub grubbity grub grub.

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah your research is so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaascinating.

What? I'm supposed to f*ck off because you grubbed up all the money all th e money all the money...

That was only fed into that thing because it was supposed to be an investment in teh future developments of the field. Of teh Univerity.

But you grubbity grub grub grubbed up all the money and gutted the University of the people who were the University.

When the philsophy person doesn't get their fuckign degree in a timely fashion...

Not offered teaching work.

Not processed for scholarships.

Applications not procesesed.

No speaking rights.

Not invited to talks.

When you lock and shut out those most qualified....

To grubitty grub grub grub up all the money.

When you don't let your most knowlegeable take the external examinations.

What a f*ck*ng joke.

SHut it down.

There's nothing here.

They built teh slummy slum slum buildings that arent' fit for purpose.

Nuke 'em down.

There's nobody home.

What a f*ck*ng joke.

Where's my f*ck*ng degree?

Where is it?

You f*ck*ng idiot psychopath retards.

It's is YEARS later.

ALl the f*ck*ng stupid idiots from primary school copying my work...

chief executives now.

F*ck*ng good job!!!

Have some more money!!!

Have some more money for you!!!!

MOre money for you!!!

ANti-malerical medications??

Other people consenting you for expemiermental research on the brand spanking new ventillators?

Do you know how many people can live when the mob harvests your organs from you???

What a f*ck*ng joke.

What a f*ck*ng joke.

What a f*ck*ng joke.

Tena koto katoa.




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