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Re: Higher Research Degrees

Posted by alexandra_k on February 24, 2020, at 9:28:50

In reply to Re: Higher Research Degrees, posted by alexandra_k on February 24, 2020, at 9:13:44

I guess the issue was you had two kinds of students who were doing well at undergraduate level in a system that rewarded natural ability and hard work.

One lot were focused on getting at high up their local hierarchy as they could as quickly as they could. Stayed in NZ and completed their Degree in NZ. Worked their way up through the University system. Council etc.

Another lot had more of an eye to what was happening overseas. Wanted to learn things where their was not local expertise. Put their progression on hold to try and get to go offshore for the opportunity to learn things there that couldn't be learned back home.

Then some of the later people come back and the people who stayed don't take too kindly. Don't take too kindly to people trying to use the skills and knowledge they developed overseas for the good of local communities.

You have these heads of local communities... And that's what they've been doing.. Controlling their local communities for however long.

In a country the size of Sydney we don't have a national health system. In a country the size of North Carolina we don't have a national health system (a state health system, if you like).

Our Universities have stopped recognising each others degrees. Their own Degreees. YOu know you have gone to far when you are trying to deny your own Degrees.

When you aren't workign towards developing consistency and coherence with the world stage...

Auckland has seen itself as the head of a hierarchy for quite some time. Exponentially better than the other Universities in NZ.

It didn't have it's sights on how the developed world was receeding.

It is a bit unclear to me...

It looks... From what I can see (I don't care enough to read the regualtions particularly so from the 'explainign regulations to you' infromation). It looks like the reports of examiners are not provided to the student who is being examined. the panel decidees.

on the basis of...

the panel decides.

the panel decides if you have done enough for a higher degree.

the admissions committee decides if they will offer you a plce from your rank score or if they are going ot re-rank score you lower by denying some evidnece or if they are going to deny eligibility.

still.. andrea howard decided what was going to be given to the admissions committee in Otago. so... andrea howard decides.

all these people who decide...

on the basis of?

on the basis of?

you chat to them and hear their reasoning... reasoning isn't going on. i don't know if it's something in the water. they seem very genuine about it... but it's weak excuses for decisions made that were not made on the basis of reasons.

trash heap of the world




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