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Higher Research Degrees

Posted by alexandra_k on February 22, 2020, at 12:34:54

The issue seems to be that the University genuinely believes the thesis needs to be perfect -- or they can / are supposed to fail it.

If the examiners find a single typographical error then that means they do not accept the thesis in it's present state / form.

That means the Univeristy is justified in requiring an additional 6 months work and even justified in failing it.

The only thing preventing them doing that is the mercy of them.

They genuinely seem to think that.

All the outcomes of examination in the Calendar: a -accepted with no changes. b-accepted with minor typographical changes. c-accepted with substantive changes within 10 weeks. d-proceed to oral defence. e- re-enrol and re-examine after 6 months. f-fail.

THey honestly believe that unless the examiners effectively say 'a' in their reports that it is based in the reports to deliver e or f. It is based in the reprots becuase the examiners do not accept the thesis in its present form.

This is lunacy -- right?

Either a or f and by the way e (we underbid for the contract, actually and you are required to pay half as much in fees again as you have already paid or you will not qualify to complete the Degree.

But it's at the discretion of the Dean.

So the Dean turns it into a bums on seats degree. Once they have you working for the maximum time (they can only require re-enrolment once) then they basically choose what to do with you.

So the whole thing becomes about everybody copy editing everything the way they like it.

YOu could give them something spat out of the post-modernist essay generator.

Supervisor line by line rewrites it.

Send it to examiners.

They line by line rewrite it.

You pay 6 months fees.

YOu hope they accept your line by line revisions without finding a typo.

Or... YOu best be making the Dean as happy as happy as happy can be otherwise you fail.


This is academia.


The intellectual brains.

Everybody wants to be an editor while screaming at everybody else that their work isn't good enough and they fail!


It's really not supposed to be like that.

It doesn't have to be perfect.

I find typographical errors in most everything I read.

SO what.

People over-focus on them and the meaning falls out.

That's what's happened with it.

I do have to take it through the courts.

To see whether the judge thinks it is in fact based in the reports of examiners to require (only some) students re-enrol and then to fail (only some) students simply because the examiners found a typo / did not give it an a.

Because I have the capacity to do that, you see.

Because I have the capacity to do that I must be forced to do that. I must be forced to clean up after other peoples lunatic f*ck ups.

F*ck*ng idiots.

The cost of doign business in NZ.

Unnecessary delays and stupdi decisions.




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