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Re: Higher Research Degrees

Posted by alexandra_k on February 24, 2020, at 9:13:44

In reply to Re: Higher Research Degrees, posted by alexandra_k on February 24, 2020, at 8:56:18

our national standards are not development, they are regression or de-evolution from international standards.

we don't do blind grading.

we don't base the outcome of examination on the reports of examiners (we don't even seem to know what this means).

people with power use their power to profit themselves / their cronies at the expense of the weak / disadvantaged. they use their power to produce further inequality. further advantages and benefits and rewards to those who are most advantaged already at the cost of detriment of everyone else.

i thought the requirement to do a degree from a NZ uni in the minimum / normal / standard time within the last 5 years was about fairness. to protect against corrupt influence. but now i think that this requirement is itself the corrupt influence.

it is the start of the slippery slope of New Zealand Universities not acknowledging their own qualifications after 5 years have passed.

Degrees expire - didn't you know?

Massey called, VC. Your PhD was conferred more than 5 years ago so now you have to give your Degree back. Turns out you aren't qualified for your job, anymore.

There has been a development of an online records keeping / sharing national system. It appears that Univerities in NZ can just, you know, digitally alter transcripts...

But then, what's to stop / prevent them from simply denying they know you if an employer phones them up to ask about a qualification or transcript?

What's the transcript printed on? It it legitimate? How hard is it to fake?

These are all questions / issues... I'm seeing these are important.

People in NZ are not wanting to acknowledge / recognise my previous Degrees from Waikato. Waikato isn't wanting to acknowlege / recognise my previous Degrees from Waikato.

I got good grades for psychology. THe lecturers gave us the multiple choice tests that were written by teh textbook writers. We had high quality informaiton, in other worrds. THe lecturers tried to walk us through the content, and we had well written questions on exams.

But the students don't get well written questions on exams so much, anymore. THey get ill formed questions or they get nonsense questions or they get questions on content they weren't taught.. Who knows how grades are selected to students. It seems tobe less and less and less aboaut performance. It's more and more and more about brownnosing to the person in charge of the class / the grading. The person in charge seems to be selected for their job precisely because they lack the capacity to do the things they are 'teaching' and precisely because they actively prevent or obstruct tehir students development.


I have been thinking about how people who can't hear spontaneously develop sign language. The drive to communicate... People will find a way.

It takes a lot of external manipulation and control and shaming and so on to prevent deaf people from doing that. If you put them together in deaf school and try and force them only to use non sign, I mean.

I have been thinking about socioeconomic development... About the external control that there is such that NZ is always always always being held back. Why it is that our people aren't developing. All the things that to into making that be the case.

I don't think that it is the case that organisational complexity requires omre effort. I Think that is the default pathway. I think that more effort is expended in keeping things backwards.




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