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oppositional definance

Posted by alexandra_k on February 24, 2020, at 9:55:42

In reply to Re: Higher Research Degrees, posted by alexandra_k on February 24, 2020, at 9:39:53

They are basically just refusing to process my stuff.

I didn't agree to spend 5 years working on the MPhil to come out with a Degree where everybody would think I was stupid for taking 5 years to do 1 years work.

I insisted on working to time.

So they stop work. 'Make us'.

They think they are teaching me a lesson in how it's just simpler to do whatever they want.

You know, the person in charge of you wants to abuse you. Wants you to do x or y or z otherwise they'll withhold basic resources from you... You can do what they want (and maybe they will do what they promise... But my thing is... But maybe they won't. I see no reason to trust / believe people who behave in such a manner). Anyway point is they want to teach me a lesson in how it's just simpler to do whatever they want.

Because, you know, that's how we ensure we hold back teh development of everything in order to further profit ourselves.

They won't process anything.

So I'm supposed to drag everythign through the courts. To make them. Insofar as our courts are capable of delivering justice.

Good people cannot do business, here.

It's a wonderland for bullies and psychopaths.


And then they get sick...


And that's the game that they play.

And the kids who were biding their biding their time biding their time get to swoop on in.

And people don't seem to mind.

I think there really is a very real cohort, here, who are determined for things to stay this way. To be this way. It is the game that they played.


But the ECFMG requires me to complete a Medical Degree.

And National standards keep meaning that anything else I do isn't recognised anyplace else.

Waikato has decided to rescind my previously conferred transcript and replace it with something that looks like I'm stupid. That doesn't look legitimate at all. Looks like I do the same thing over and over and over and over and over...

And I guess that's the thing:

NZ keeps telling me:

There's no way through for you, Alex.

We just say 'by natural ability and hard work' but it's about the cohort of the kids of the professionals. ANd you arent that cohort. And we don't want you corruping our kids. With these ideas that have them think that life is about anything other than workign up the hierarchy and suck suck suck suck sucking up to me'.

There are people here...


There need to be mechanisms to get the people out. To let us study for international exams.

It isn't fair to not let us sit international exams.

It isn't fair of the ECFMG to require people go to Meidcal School when there appears to only be corrupt selection process.

Why can't people sit the exams no matter their background?

Maybe they will do better clinical exams (informed consent anyone) than if they get exposure to Medical systems in corrupt countries.

But then probably the ECFMG is the most corrupt thing of all.

I guess people want me to believe it.

Things are very opressive, here.




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