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Re: Higher Research Degrees

Posted by alexandra_k on February 24, 2020, at 8:56:18

In reply to Re: Higher Research Degrees, posted by Lamdage22 on February 23, 2020, at 20:35:27

> One typo = fail? What degree are you working on? For my paper, it was one plagiarism = fail

higher research degree.

the dean thinks that since the degree is pass or fail (ungraded) unless both examiners state it is accepted in it's present state (without requiring so much as a typographical error) then she can choose whatever she likes...

she chooses to say the candidate is required to keep workign for an additional 6 months (repeat half the program of study) in the first case. so i'm invoiced for more fees. then undergo another round of examination. so the tertiary education commission (govt dept) is invoiced for more fees.

but she can only do that once. so if as little as two typographical errors are found on the second examination then she can fail the thesis because the examiners agreed it isn't acceptable in it's present state. of course she could have outright failed it the first time, but why do that when you can collect more money from the student on their way out?

so it becomes a degree about sucking up to the dean. because the dean does what the dean likes. examiners always will find at least a typographical error, you see.

I think it is absurd to think that that is apprpropriate basis in the reports of the examiners.

there is this thing about how the re-enrol and re-submit outcome requires the thesis to be returned to the candiate. the Dean laughed it off as historic or metaphoric. but the examiners have retained my intellectual property. she physically gave them my thesis. she physically flunks me out of the university. they look and see whether a thesis has been lodged in the library and, if not... do i expect to see them publish it or sell it on at some point?

i am not questioning the integritiy of the examiners...


why haven't the examiners taken teh university to task for their not being my thesis in the library??

our universities aren't playing by the rules on international standards. we aren't participating in the process of objective / independent assessment. we won't allow our students to be selected on thier merits.

i hear that's the problem in india, too. the caste system or whatever. they have buses taking kids to their examination rooms. differnt kids going ot differnt rooms. the kind of plagarism or cheating or whatever is being largely driven by the authorities. those whose very job it is to police.

our local communities... the ones the kids wanted to get out of and away from... the local communities are present / represented or whatever in the universities here, now. they decide what degree is right for you and what grades you are allowed to have. which kids get seen for which things when it comes to national or even international selection for whatever reasons and purposes.

to many chiefs trying to control everything the way they think is best.

i got failed for population health because i did reference according to international standards. only i'm not sure... we werent' allowed to direct quote. we were allowed to rephrase things in our own words, only, and then put the name of someone at the end of the sentance for a reference. we were encouraged to make use of 'grey literature' which is to say they didn't want us using academic writing. not summarising it not responding to it not having an opinion on it.

we were supposed to turn their powerpoint slides into an essay. just link together the sentences.

so that anyone looking on with independent eyes...

would think we all are stupid.

Waikato (many Univeristies actually) are financially invsted in having people believe their students are slow.

The examiners don't know why my work wasn't forwarded to them for sign off within 10 weeks.

I did the work.

The Dean refused to forward it on.

She didn't even ALLOW the examiners to sign me off IF THEY CHOSE

and she decided to fail me because i didn't play this game of doing what she said when she said because she said suck suck suck sucking up to her... taking 5 years to do 1 years work...

and now i'm expected to get my degree out of them in the courts (if i get it ever at all).

the cost of doing business with idiots / psychopaths.

the low road to growth.

they don't want to be a *good* university that people would *choose* to go to. where employers *want* to hire competent grads and where people remember their uni experiences *fondly*.

they want to keep masses of slaves in apalling conditions. never crediting or acknowldeging work. stealing work. passing it off as their own. having the studnets thow money at the university...

grad research degrees are supposed to be final hoops.

they try and force people to be stuck there indefinately.

i didn't want to join them. i didn't want my phd. i didn't want to be part of that awful system.

so they are determined to fail me.

to teach me a lesson.

and auckland refuses to properly process applications...




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