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Re: I need 'the guy' for everything

Posted by alexandra_k on June 17, 2019, at 17:25:03

In reply to Re: I need 'the guy' for everything, posted by Lamdage22 on June 17, 2019, at 6:42:37

The 1 rep max is something that you train for / build up gradually.

I had to work really really really hard to do my first push-up. And the dame for my first dip. And the same for my first pull-up.

Your body gets used to what you do with it. It's doing something different / that it's not adapted for that is likely to injure it.

That's why it is important to do / train lots of different things if you are interested in preventing injury.

That is what I do like about the gym. Seeing people do different things which gives me ideas. Doing classes and doing different things.

It is tempting to do what you are good at / what you know. Because it feels good. Because you can measure / track progress / gains / maintenence. I don't like doing new things because I don't know if I'm doing them right / because they don't feel right / because my body doesn't move the way it should yet. But it is persisting and the body sorting it out... That is useful.

I had to work really really hard to basically get to run on the eliptical.

But now I can and it's easy. So it's time to do something else.

I did a spin bike class and my legs don't go around that fast.

I remember from previously... It takes some time before you basically learn to throw your legs around and then you get them properly spinning instead of stomp stomp stomping. My legs don't spin right now. They don't remember how. I think I need for the muscles that hold the hip into place (the rotator cuff of the hip) to gradually adapt to it / gradually strengthen so I can really fling my legs around on the spin bike safely without throwing my hip out of the socket (a little bit, injuring a ligament or something).

I'm basically Arnie in the pool. Is the joke. The bodybuilder type who thrashes / flails about wildly. Only that wouldn't be true of proper bodybuilders. If you watch them pose... THey hae that level of control over their muscle and the ability to consciously flex their skeletal muscles WITHOUT ANY WEIGHT. THey use weights to help them develop that level of muscular control. It's pretty freaking amazing, actually.

Im' sure I didn't hurt a muscle because there is no line of pull. I mean.. Muscles come in different shapes.... But the spinal ones have fibre orientation and there would be a particular movement (not a movement and it's opposing movement) that would have been affected. Maybe it was a ligament. Are ligaments innervated?? Huh..




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