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Re: I need 'the guy' for everything

Posted by alexandra_k on June 17, 2019, at 17:11:39

In reply to Re: I need 'the guy' for everything, posted by Lamdage22 on June 17, 2019, at 6:42:37

Most people aren't able to lift their arms up properly over their heads.

Shoulder impingement, yeah. There is often something that is preventing the scapula from rotating the way it needs to properly align the joint so one can do the movement without impingement.

Sometimes it can help to get a lacross ball (I actually prefer a high bounce rubber ball because it has the right amount of give to encourage the muscle to give) and roll it along the spine of your scapula to help loosen up some of those muscles of the rotator cuff.

T spine extension also becomes a problem for people. People have a natural inclination for the spine of the curves to become hyper-curved later in life. My lumbar spine wants to become hypercurved and hang off of chronicly tight multifidous. I need to work very hard to try and get my thoracic spine hinging properly along with abdominal engagement.

The Olympic Lifting (even just the bar) is something I do, now, mostly with the intention that I just keep doing it, because I worked so very very very very hard to be able to do it, in the first place. I don't work on increasing my 1 rep max, anymore. My squat was limiting after about 1 week of honing my form. My squat is limited (as an I never managed to front squat more than 55kg and other women in my weight class at national level are squatting over double that)... By my lack of ankle dorsiflexion which means I can't get my *ss properly under the bar to use my glutes to drive it up properly. I'm out of alignment. It is good work / training for my muscles, but I'm at such a disadvantage with my levers...

I liked Dan John all the way back... He said something about how the best exercise cues are often lies. But they are things you say and hearing them gets the athlete doing what you want them to do. SOmetimes you need to imagine or try and do the impossible. He also really liked exercises that were self-correcting. Where your bodies natural inclination is to do it properly. Anyway... I have to work hard to think of hinging my T spine backwards (which orients the scapula and upper back into a backwards bend (with abdominal engagement so you are 'hanging' or 'hinging' from t spine not lumber... It orients your upper body in such a way that you turn an overhead press into a bench press.

That's what the lifters discovered when the overhead press was a contested lift. If you arch your back... Careful to arch from upper back / T spine not lumbar... Then you basically bench press it from a fairly horizonal upper back.

They stopped the lift because it took a lot of training for people to get the postural alignment. If people didn't work for years to have it...

You get the typical yoga hyperextension that you see where people hinge from their lumbar spine. Rather than the back bends you see in gymnastics where people are basically bending from the bottom of their rib cage. A position of strength for those backwards walkovers and the like...

I really like those puzzle mats. Don't underestimate how important it is to get down on the floor and get back up. Over and over and over. So if you fall over one day (or, more likely, when someone knocks you down) then you can get back up. Not be stuck waiting 9 hours for an ambulance. Get up quick before they want to DEXTA scan you. If they do that -- that's your life sentance right there. That or an x-ray to tell you how you are gonna die, soon.

I learned a lot watching youtube of stuff that martial artists (particularly bjj guys) do on their floor work. Animal walks and the like.

I saw Ripptoe give a lecture, recently. On youtube. He looks... Past it. I mean, his heart didn't seem to be in it. He's been in the game for ages now and it looks to me like he's had enough of it but people keep throwing money at him to hear him say the same old stuff he's been saying since forever over and over and over. It's great stuff... But someone else can say it, now, he's said it, already.

It seemed to me that what he needs to do is to pick a new sport. He was going on about how you finish up with your newbie gains and then the over 40 lifter is all downhill... I reckon that's because it is time to pick a new sport.

When I discovered the gym in Aussie the old guys who were really into the weights room were really into it because it was not the sport they trained when they were younger. THey reached their genetic limits for that already and it's only downhill from there. Why would you persist in that? Time to change it up.

So cyclists and AFL players. An Olympic Weightlifter who decided to train up his bench press.

I think Ripptoe needs to do yoga or something endurance... Maybe cycling... That if he started that properly he would experience something like beginners gains all over again...

I think it is time for me to just maintain at the gym and pick something new. Or pick something very different to train at the gym when I have time to train.

I got into swimming in Dunedin and that was pretty good. It was great for my feet flexibility / strength. It was useful for my lungs... The demands on swimmers are a lot different... Years of lung development to exercise without breathing.

I would like a bicycle. They are expensive, though. Even an entry level one.




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