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Re: I need 'the guy' for everything

Posted by alexandra_k on June 16, 2019, at 18:57:26

In reply to Re: I need 'the guy' for everything, posted by Lamdage22 on June 16, 2019, at 4:39:06

Does the handyman guy need to measure the size of your floor and then measure the mats and cut them to fit? Stuff like that can be tricky. My Dad was a builder and I remember him measuring up blocks of wood for this, and that, and getting out the skillsaw...

The gym stuff is just...

This is how you are 'supposed to' do it:

But I was doing it a little more like this:

Only I have a bit more 'oomph' in my driving the bar up fast over my head and the 'oomph' comes with a bit of a neck snap, I think... I think that was the problem.

I'm 40, I reckon.

I started at the gym when I was 30.

I got really (really really really) into it. I trained like a professional elite athlete for a few years, there. Pushed my body to the limits of my genetic potential, I mean to say. Objectively I was not any good. Because of previous injury together with wrong body-type for the sport together with no natural aptitude whatsoever...

More recently I am mostly sedintary focused on reading / writing. Sigh. That means gym time is mostly trying to undo the effects of poor posture. Activating my abs, particularly. Trying not to overuse injure multifidous (multifidous can do everything since it's chronicly short / tight).

I like the 1 rep max stuff. From many years of smoking, I guess. Not so into the endurance cardio.

I like mimicking sprint drive phase on the eliptical for bursts. Prowler / sled sprints. Olympic lifing or squatting up to 5 reps.

It's the high rep time under tension stuff I need to be careful of... Because I try and 'cheat' by relaxing the tension since that's most efficient for the goal of moving the weight... But the whole point of body pump is to keep the tension and build the pump... I try and do Olymic Weightlifing goal of moving the heavy weights. Which involves relaxing the muscles as much as possible and being efficient with recruitment for the drive phase.

Anyway... I do think I basically whiplashed my neck myself in whip driving up the bar.


My bad.

'Better form' of the bad oly form... For teh different goal.



I hope your puzzle mats get sorted okay. Are they soft spongy nice to sit on or are they they hard black plastic ones??




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